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Woodlands County Councillor Dave Kusch has only been in his seat for just under two years, after running in a by-election mid-term, but he already sees the impact he can have working with his fellow councillorsThe first vaccines agains. “I got a diploma in Business Management from NAIT, and my family has the Whitecourt Auto Mall, so I ran that for years. Whether it’s a business or the County, you have a budget, you have your clientele, you have a list of things you have to do or that has to get down, and it all has to be within the budget,” he explained.

Before the by-election opportunity, Kusch said that he had already decided to run in the next election. “I spoke with my wife, and we decided to try it out and see what happens. I put my name in, and then everything went fast from there.” Kusch was acclimated since he was the only one to put their name forward. “I figured I would put my name in and then learn from the election and get information for next time, but I didn’t expect to get in that quick.”

As an outsider looking in, Kusch said it’s easy to criticize things, and he wanted to see how things run on the inside. Getting right to work, learning the ropes and finding his footing, Kusch said he recognized that people think councillors have “infinite power” over things. “It sometimes feels like people think you can get stuff done or send somebody somewhere or get people to go do a job. You are more of a voice, one of seven, and you don’t have much say or pull on your own. It’s not that you can’t try and help people, but you’re reaching out to the administration and trying to get the help that way.”

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In just under two years, Kusch said that so much change has already happened and that he is looking forward to where things go from here. “A lot of itAt a news conference Monday evening, I think, is for the better, if you look at the financial position, where the county is at right now and to where they were beforeThe type of side effects determined by European authorities.. We are trying to keep within budget instead of running over a whole lot. I joined council right in the middle of some tight budget talks, and now we have a goal, and we are trying to get to the goal post without moving it this time,” he explained.

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