Coping with kitchen maintenance in hot summer

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Summer is the season when moisture and thunderstorms are rampant, and it is also the season when all kinds of mold and bacteria are most likely to breed in the kitchen. Once it is not handled properly, our healthy kitchen life will gradually drift away. However, many people understand this truth, but they do not know how to deal with it. Here are some tips for you to have a healthy kitchen life in the hot summer

trick 1: close the doors and windows

in summer, the weather changes quickly, sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy. When nobody is at home, be sure to close the doors and windows of the kitchen to prevent thunderstorms due to sudden changes in the weather. If the doors and windows are not closed, the rain will hit the kitchen countertops, door panels, and cabinets along the open and semi open windows, which may lead to watermarks and mottled in the rain areas of the countertops, while the door panels The cabinet will also be eroded and expanded by rain, which will affect its normal use. If it is eroded by rain, rust spots, jams and other factors will affect its normal use. Therefore, if you are not at home in the plum rain season, you must remember to close the doors and windows of the kitchen

trick 2: keep clean

as the saying goes, "be prepared early, be prepared." When the plum rain season is coming, it is suggested that you should thoroughly clean your kitchen before the weather is sunny and plum blossom, take out the items that have been placed in the cabinet for a long time to bask in the sun, and sort out some useless sundries. We can also wipe the inside and outside of the cabinet with detergent, especially the dead corners of the cabinet body, After cleaning, open the cabinet door for ventilation for half a day, and then classify and place the kitchen items needed this season in the cabinet, so as to be organized and hierarchical, and the troubles in the plum rain season are naturally far away from us

trick 3: use kitchenware correctly

kitchenware in the kitchen is easy for everyone to use, but easy doesn't mean you can use it correctly. In the past, some families didn't operate correctly and clean it in time when using the sink. After each use of the faucet, a little water stains remained on the bottom plate of the water tank cabinet. Over time, scale and erosion formed, which directly led to the expansion and deformation of the plate, affecting normal use

cutting boards and knives are the easiest places to hide dirt. After each use, the cutting board should be carefully scraped and cleaned. The knife that has cut raw fish and poultry is best scalded with boiling water to avoid parasitic pollution. In summer, tableware and cooking utensils in the kitchen are easily attacked by flies and other pests. Therefore, tableware should be stored in a well sealed cupboard, and the disinfection cabinet plays a good role

therefore, the maintenance of the kitchen should not be sloppy in summer. Although the above three tips are simple, they need our long-term persistence. If we develop good habits, our kitchen will naturally become a clean, comfortable and happy kitchen





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