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In the era of rising house prices, small apartment space has become the wisest choice in recent years. But how to create a perfect small space? Today, let's take a look at the decoration secrets together with Li Xiaobian to help you solve your decoration troubles

secret collection of small house decoration 1: movable partition to expand space

1. Small houses avoid the closed compartment, which is limited but fragmented, resulting in heavy obstacles to vision and light. However, there is still a need for pattern demarcation in home space. It is recommended to use hollow screens or sliding doors, taking into account the openness of space and functional independence. It can not only meet the quiet and privacy of the studio, but also enlarge the space area when no one is using it, so as to maximize the lighting effect

2. The open visual effect makes it difficult to believe that the house is less than 50 square meters. The semi open wooden partition gives consideration to independent function and visual openness

3. Choose according to the overall style, divide the space into two with light curtains, which can create two warm and romantic spaces. When a large space is needed, just pull the curtains back. This partition method is most suitable for small and medium-sized households

secret collection of small house decoration II: double sided cabinet instantly improves the storage of space

1. Remove the compartment wall between the study and the master bedroom, and use a depth of 60 cm in the middle as a double-sided cabinet to provide space on both sides, so as to save the thickness of the compartment wall in the middle and make more effective use

2. The two walls of the living room are quite asymmetric. The designer uses a group of half cabinets to solve the visual center of the living room. At the same time, there can also be a side cabinet

3. The double-sided cabinet between the bedroom and the study is both a wardrobe and a bookcase in the study. With proper storage design, it can also give a good partition between the study and the bedroom

secret collection of small house decoration III: hidden door design increases modeling

1. The space of small house is a little too crowded, and it often encounters the dilemma of surrounding doors or entrances, or there are many openings of cabinets nearby. It is recommended to use hidden doors and modeling doors to hide all these fragmented door pieces and integrate them with modeling

2. The porch and storage are integrated into the shape of the white cabinet. The excellent overall feeling makes the space seem to enlarge a lot. The same material and color makes the cabinet well hidden

3. The murals on the wall are the highlight of the living room, giving full play to this exotic style. At the same time, the mural is the door leading to the bedroom, with heaven and earth inside, which is very spatial





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