How to handle housing decoration loan 1

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Xiao Li, who is about to get married, plans to decorate the wedding room more delicately to surprise his daughter-in-law. However, he roughly calculated that the cost of decoration may be 100000, which is difficult for him to pay in full, so he plans to complete the decoration through bank loans, but "what exactly should I do with the loan?" Xiao Li is not clear, but he can also learn more through the first lending platform. Now we will briefly introduce it to you for reference

it is reported that applying for decoration loans must meet these conditions: be able to provide valid identity certificates and residence certificates; Have stable income and work, and have the ability to repay on time and in full; Be able to provide the house purchase contract, house ownership certificate and other conditions required by the bank

after the above conditions are met, the loan can be handled according to the following steps: apply for a loan to the handling bank and submit relevant materials - the bank accepts the application, and reviews and approves the loan materials - after the approval, the bank signs a loan contract with the borrower and handles relevant procedures - the bank issues a loan; The borrower shall repay on time and in full

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