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Solid wood flooring has the advantages of natural and beautiful wood grain, comfortable foot feel, sound insulation and heat preservation, and has large specifications and convenient laying, so it has become one of the main choices of home decoration materials

what you need to know:

solid wood flooring is divided into three levels: AA, a and B, and AA is the highest quality. The standard of solid wood flooring is gb/t15306-2001. The standard has been implemented since May 1st, 2002, and the original 94 standard has been replaced at the same time. The new national standard has made important amendments and supplements to the old national standard. It is mainly to modify the contents of some sizes and defects, and supplement the standard names of applicable tree species and the requirements for painted boards. At the same time, the requirements for impact toughness, hardness and wear resistance of wood are cancelled

due to different materials, the hardness, natural color and texture of solid wood floors are also greatly different, including Quercus Quercus (oak wood), pear, heavy ant wood (Yibei), borneol (Cinnamomum camphora), fragrant winged beans, Gamba pairs, Baodi beans, kundian iron camphor (iron wood), mountain olive, etc

the lacquered floor is made by the factory on the assembly line. Most of the paint used is UV paint, which is rapidly cured by UV. Its hardness and wear resistance are much higher than ordinary hand-made paint, but the adhesion is slightly poor. Another advantage of lacquered floor is that the whole floor is composed of many pieces of paint, so cracks will not appear with the expansion and contraction of the floor

because the paint film on the surface of solid wood composite floor has beautiful luster, wear resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance, flame retardancy, mildew resistance, moth resistance, etc., and its price is not higher than that of similar solid wood floors, it is more and more popular with consumers. At present, there are three-layer and multi-layer solid wood composite floors

bamboo floor is a new type of building decoration material developed in recent years. It takes natural high-quality bamboo as raw material, after more than 20 processes, takes off the bamboo pulp juice, after high temperature and high pressure compression, and then after three layers of paint, and finally infrared drying. Bamboo flooring brings a green and fresh wind to the building materials market with its natural advantages and many excellent properties after molding

cork flooring is known as "pyramid consumption of flooring". Cork is an oak growing along the Mediterranean coast, and the raw material of cork products is the bark of oak. Compared with solid wood flooring, cork is more environmentally friendly, soundproof, moisture-proof effect will be better, and bring people excellent foot feeling

how to choose:

1 According to the floor

the humidity of the low floor is high, you have to choose a floor with good stability; For high-rise residential buildings, the moisture content is relatively low, easy to ventilate, and dry. Floors with small wood shrinkage can be selected. Different manufacturers have different processes when dealing with the floor, resulting in different properties of the floor. You must ask clearly when purchasing. If you are really not sure, you can choose Indian eggplant wood, heavy ant wood, teak flooring, which can be used for all kinds of floors

2. The smaller the floor size, the better the deformation resistance. In other words, in terms of stability and service life, short ones are better than long ones, narrow ones are better than wide ones, and they are cheap and good, saving consumption and investment

3. The flatness and gloss of the floor surface is one of the main basis for floor grading. When buying a floor, you should carefully check whether the surface of the floor is smooth. If there are problems such as cracking, decay, skin clipping, dead joints, insect eyes and so on, you'd better not buy it

4. Nowadays, most solid wood floors are painted boards, and the paint surface should be selected to achieve "three requirements" and "three none". That is, the paint surface should be uniform, smooth and flat; No paint leakage, bubble or crack

5. Measuring the real geothermal floor requires many specific technical parameters. First of all, it must have good heat dissipation. Geothermal flooring is very particular about the selection of materials, and strictly select those special substrates whose wood density meets the requirements. The floor thickness is between 6.5-8.5 mm (the standard thickness of geothermal floor), ensuring that the floor has good air permeability and heat dissipation function. The second characteristic is heat resistance





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