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People usually consider the anti slip factor when decorating floor tiles, but in fact, the geomantic stress of floor tiles also needs us to consider; So in Feng Shui, what is the emphasis of Feng Shui on floor tile decoration? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

geomantic decoration of floor tiles

geomantic decoration of bathroom floor tiles

I. color geomantic decoration of bathroom tiles

1. For toilets with small areas, light colored tiles are conducive to expanding the field of vision, and reflection can also improve the brightness of small spaces. You can choose the white department that is always popular. It looks clean and bright, which is consistent with people's needs for the bathroom. This is called “ Dirty places need to be clean, and smelly places should be treated with Finnish formula ”, It is a flexible application of the principle of complementarity and balance. You can also favor floral tiles with cool and warm colors such as orange and blue. In fact, both of them are bright, concise and fashionable

2. Monochrome tiles are inevitably boring, and are usually used with fancy tiles. In fact, monochromatic tiles of the same color system can also be infinitely wonderful if they are slightly changed when used. For example, when the bathroom space is large, you can use a large number of dark tiles with light tiles, which is not only stable, but also active atmosphere

3. It is better not to use bright red and golden yellow tiles in the bathroom. These colors belong to fire in the five elements, and the bathroom is used as a place for the excretion of filth, as “ Villain ” You can't let it “ Fire ” Get up. (guidaye Feng Shui www.guidaye.com)

II. The tiles in the bathroom should be paved with Feng Shui

1. First, the tiles on the wall should be covered. Ceramic tiles can resist the erosion of moisture, protect the waterproof layer of the wall, and easy to keep clean and beautiful for a long time. Families with suspended ceilings should pay attention to the part covered by the suspended ceilings should also be covered with tiles in order to protect the whole wall well

2. The floor tiles should be of non slip texture. Generally, the floor tiles with matte surface or shallow convex concave shape are very suitable for the wet ground after bathing to protect the owner from slipping and injury. When laying tiles, the location and size of the floor drain should be considered. Generally, the floor tile is paved with a 1% leakage gradient, and the floor drain is the lowest to facilitate drainage. So that the toilet will not affect the health of the owner due to ponding

3. Separation of dry and wet areas. Experts said that the dry area and wet area can be well divided by different ceramic tile materials and colors, so that they do not interfere with each other, and avoid the embarrassment of splashing and wiping after bathing

the decoration of the floor tiles in the living room should pay attention to Feng Shui

the living room should not be dark decoration, and the walls can choose light colored tiles

Feng Shui in the living room has sufficient light, and a bright living room can bring prosperity to the family. Therefore, the walls and floors of the living room should not choose dark colored tiles, and the light color system should be used to increase the brightness. If the living room is located in a dark location, you may wish to use the color of the wall to assist, especially the use of white, off white and other lighter microcrystalline stones. The transparent crystal of Fengjing jade (microcrystalline stone) brick produced by Dongfang Phoenix has the same luster as the mirror, and the effect is crystal clear, which can greatly improve the brightness of the space. At the same time, it can make the living room space broader, achieve the effect of bright light in the visual sense, and help everyone improve their family fortunes

the tiles on the ground are darker than the ceiling in color, so as to protect the health of women.

according to the theory of the book of changes, Qian is heaven, man, husband, father, Kun is earth, woman, wife and mother. In decoration Feng Shui, it is also believed that the ceiling of the living room generally affects the fate of the host, while the floor has an impact on the health of the hostess. Then in the home decoration, we should also pay attention to the choice of living room floor tiles, otherwise it may affect the health of the hostess

generally abide by “ The sky is clear and the earth is muddy ” The rule is that the color of the ceiling of the living room should be light as much as possible, while the color of the floor tiles should be darker than that of the ceiling, and the color of the wall is between the ceiling and the floor. For example, if the hostess's fate is lack of soil, although they are all the same yellow series belonging to the soil of the five elements, the ground should also carefully choose darker yellow, strive to be calm and thick, and the logo has a deep foundation, giving people a sense of reliance, rather than simply using a lighter yellow

the tiles of Oriental Phoenix ceramics are rich in colors. The single yellow series of Fengming glaze (full throw glaze) has orange, light yellow, beige, ivory yellow, earthy yellow, brown, light yellow, goose yellow and other colors. The gray system is also divided into light gray, dark gray, flower gray and so on. Almost every color system is divided into two or more colors, which can meet the needs of consumers with different attributes

it is best to choose auspicious wall and floor tile patterns

nowadays, some young people are looking for alternative tiles with strange patterns. However, this is not suitable for Feng Shui. The tiles with patterns in the living room should choose those with auspicious meanings. If economic conditions permit, microcrystalline stone is a good choice, because Microcrystalline stone is also known as “ Microcrystalline jade ”, Jade has been endowed with good wishes since thousands of years ago. Oriental Phoenix Phoenix crystal jade (microcrystalline stone) takes natural precious jade as the design blueprint. In addition to having various superior properties of ceramic tiles, it also has the realistic texture and texture of jade. The moistening of jade can eliminate the impetuous heart, the color of jade can be pleasant and boring heart, and the purity of jade can purify the dirty heart. It is the only choice to improve the feng shui of the living room

what's the stress of Feng Shui in the decoration of floor tiles?

first of all, we need to know. Whether in traditional Feng Shui or modern interior design. The color of the house should be dominated by light color, and dark color is easy to produce depression. However, the color of the kitchen is the most critical part of the house. Because the kitchen is the place for cooking, and also the place for some families to eat. Too dark will cause visual fatigue. It is easy to cause people's cooking decline and loss of appetite

therefore, based on the above, it is best to choose white tiles and kitchenware in the kitchen. White can better understand the sanitary condition of your kitchen, so as to facilitate timely cleaning. In order to avoid the foul gas and lampblack in the kitchen accumulating for a long time and damaging people's health

of course, it's best to decorate the kitchen according to the color you like in your life. For example: “ Yang Mingmu Xiangren ” The favorite colors are red, purple and yellow. Then decorating the kitchen with light red, light purple or light yellow will bring you good luck

red means passion, and a small amount of red can be used for decoration. It can reduce fatigue and release vitality

black and white have the effect of stabilizing emotions. It has a good calming effect on people with insomnia and irritability

green can bring people a comfortable and refreshing feeling. Suitable for bedroom and toilet decoration

orange is a symbol of vitality,. Orange dining tables and cabinets can stimulate people's appetite and promote blood circulation

note: in addition to improving Feng Shui by changing the color of the kitchen, the orientation of the kitchen is also very important. For example: “ Yin life water phase person ” Xizheng West, northwest and North, so setting up the kitchen in these three directions can bring good luck




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