Old house changes into European style house

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The old house is a treasure. After redecoration, it immediately shows a different flavor. The original house of this family has some Japanese style, but after transformation, it is full of rich southern European style

the original ceiling was removed and raised, European style chandeliers were installed, and then it was repainted in order to highlight the beams and columns. The side arch connects the kitchen, and the arc design also expands the overall space

the restaurant

large glass windows are installed on the three walls of the restaurant, so that the sunlight can be thrown into the room without reservation, making the whole room transparent and bright. Through the window, you can see the flowers and trees outside. You feel that your home is surrounded by green, and the white curtains also look light and elegant

small terrace

a Western-style terrace is added to the south of the living room and dining room, which is also the place with the best lighting. Transparent tulle curtains, bright dried flowers in the corner, and unique decorations all bring a trace of comfort. You can enjoy the warm afternoon sunshine here


the wall in front of the kitchen is paved with ceramic tiles, some of which are also embedded with red bricks. Then the shelf is made of embedded, painted red, just like the mark of the kitchen. On the back are some storage cabinets that can be put into microwave ovens and so on. If you don't use these appliances, you can close the cabinet door and hide. In addition, doors and windows are designed here to make the kitchen more bright and ventilated


the stairs are open, and the whole room is bright, creating a sense of freedom


the washstand in the bathroom is made according to the original specification. In order to match the basin, white mosaic tiles are used. In addition, the vertical space of the washstand is also designed with white and blue tiles to form a lattice pattern decoration


the original harmony room has also removed the ceiling and become a foreign style room. Due to the modification of the ceiling, the whole room looks more open and spacious. The original harmony storage cabinet is changed into a wardrobe, and the harmony clothing room is also changed into a clothing room, enhancing the storage capacity





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