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1、 Wealth and position avoid pressure

in Feng Shui, wealth and position pressure is absolutely inappropriate. If you put heavy cabinets, bookcases or combination cabinets in the position of wealth, it will be detrimental to the wealth of this house

second, wealth avoid water

some people like to put the fish tank in the wealth position. In fact, this is not appropriate, because it is the same as pushing the God of wealth down the water tank and turning it into "water for wealth"! Wealth and position avoid water, and it is not suitable to place plants cultivated with water there

third, wealth and position should not be empty

there should be a solid wall behind wealth and position, because it symbolizes that there is a mountain to lean on to ensure that there is no worry about the future, so as to hide the wind and gather Qi. Conversely, if there are transparent windows behind the wealth position, it is not only difficult to accumulate wealth, but also because of discouragement, there is often a risk of losing money

fourth, wealth should not be rushed

Feng Shui most taboo sharp corners, so there should not be sharp corners near this wealth, so as not to affect wealth

fifth, wealth should not be polluted

if the toilet and bathroom are in wealth or sundries are placed in wealth, it will pollute wealth and greatly reduce wealth. Not only will wealth and position fail to attract wealth, but it will lead to the loss of family wealth

sixth, wealth should not be dark

wealth should be bright rather than dark, bright is vibrant; Dim is gloomy, there is stagnant wealth, need to light a long light to resolve

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numerology lists the mouth as the "cashier" in the five senses, ranking mercury. The mouth is the door of the heart and speech. As the saying goes, "diseases come from the mouth, disasters come from the mouth". It goes without saying that the mouth is closely related to the fate of life. We should understand the personality, heredity, health and fortune of the mouth from its shape, color and texture, so as to infer the gains and losses of human life. Today, Dr. Zheng talked about the numerology of the mouth. Usually based on the principles of traditional Chinese numerology, we can know the following statement:

a person's oral virtue is better, otherwise it is called oral Fu. Lips are the outline of the mouth and the door of the teeth, which are related to people's honor and disgrace. Usually lips should be thick but not thin, with edges and corners but not tight. Lips are as red as sand, and wealth is commendable. Lips should be thick and red, symmetrical up and down for beauty, avoid thin and small, shrink, defect, and cannot be pinched. Lip Lift, lip curl, uneven upper and lower lips, black lips, blue lips and white lips are not good looks. From the shape of lips, people with thick lips are rich and live a long life. But lips should not be too thick, too thick will be cheap. People with wide lips also show high personal desire, and people with too generous have strong desire

five principles of good-natured mouth:

1. Sharp edges and corners, shaped like an angular bow, with the strings facing up

2. The desire to combine is small, and the desire to open is large

3. The upper and lower lips are matched, and the meaning is like water, and the potential is like a ring

4. The color is fresh and moist, just like blood painting

5. The texture on the lip is clear and beautiful


1. The corners of your mouth are bent like a bow, and you can occupy an important position

2. The mouth is square, wide, angular, and has a long life

3. If your mouth is like a tight pocket, your wealth will be flat all your life

4. The mouth is wide and thick, and there is no worry about food and clothing

5. The mouth is like a snail, and a happy life

6. There are moles at the corners of the mouth, and there is plenty of food and clothing

7. Thin mouth and poor fortune

8. Wide mouth and thin tongue, good luck

9. Small and short mouth, short fortune

10. The mouth is like a horse's mouth, which is easy to cause trouble

11. Square mouth: those who have a square mouth will go everywhere and eat everywhere. They will have good luck in money and fortune

12. Tiger mouth: those who can fit into fists have a bright future. Men are the most expensive and women are the most rich

13. Sheep's mouth: those with short and sharp mouth and thin lips are in bad luck and easy to commit peach blossom robbery

14. Crescent moon mouth: people with a crescent moon mouth have outstanding literary talent and strong official fortune

15. Cherry mouth: female cherry mouth people are extremely intelligent, eloquent, likable, and have a lot of good luck

16. Overboard mouth: if the mouth is like overboard, it will be hard. It mainly depends on hard work. Men often can't get a wife and women can't get married

17. Crucian carp's mouth: crucian carp's mouth is stingy and unlucky, and it is very likely to go far away

18. Pig mouth: Pig mouth people are often selfish. Although they are easy to get rich, they are generally healthy

19. Four character mouth: those with four character mouth are often smart, versatile and successful

20. Dragon mouth: the lips of dragon mouth are plump and neat, which is rare. Usually, he can be prominent and reach the top

in fact, the mouth also represents a person's social index. The better the shape of the mouth, the more social occasions you can not only attend, but also eat wedding banquet everywhere. The appearance of eating is noble and graceful, and the mouth is also very good at telling jokes, making people feel comfortable and cordial like bathing in the spring breeze. On the contrary, if your mouth is crooked or too thin, you are doomed not to be able to "eat" in social occasions. In addition, if the mouth shape is too small, you are also doomed to eat yourself, because people with too small mouth shape, both men and women, are people with a strong sense of self superiority

a big mouth without income means poverty, so it is appropriate to open it wide and close it small. If the mouth is fat and has no income, it will be greedy and lustful and love to eat. It is not easy to be satisfied with a lot of desires. It belongs to the family of pig brothers and sisters. The mouth is thin and sharp, like a parrot. People talk bitterly and scold people without mercy. The mouth is thin and flat, like the people of crucian carp. They are ruthless, cold and light, selfish and selfish. Six relatives are few, and old age is lonely. People with drooping corners of the mouth and a bitter gourd face have low self-esteem and introversion, are stubborn and closed, and are most picky and lonely

finally, I want to remind you that although your mouth and lips reveal your secrets, human destiny and destiny should also be judged as a whole, because human itself is a positive and complex high-level creature

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