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Preparation for paddy field tillage machine before operation

paddy field tillage machine is packaged in pieces when leaving the factory. Before use, it can be divided into static load testing machine and dynamic load testing machine. The static and dynamic load testing machine shall be assembled (it can be assembled under the guidance of experienced operators). After assembly, the complete machine must be fully inspected

① check the tightness of the joints of bolts or components connected with bolts. If the bolts at the connection of engine base, belt pulley, driving wheel steering frame, rear support plate, traction frame and gear box, lifting rod sleeve and lifting shaft are found to be loose, they shall be tightened. Where the pin shaft is used for connection, the connection shall be reliable. If the pin is required, it shall not be omitted to prevent loosening. For each moving part, an appropriate amount of engine oil shall be dripped before each shift to make it move freely

② before starting, check the engine oil, fuel and gearbox oil. The oil of the gearbox shall be filled to the lowest bolt hole of the front window of the gearbox, subject to oil overflow (flow)

③ all purchased new machines or machines after overhaul shall be run in (i.e. test run). As the moving parts of the tiller (such as the gear of the gearbox) have been precision machined, but there are still machining scars on the surface of the second working part, and there are micro concave convex and uneven. If the moving parts work at full load at the beginning, they will be worn or damaged quickly, greatly reducing their service life. Therefore Before use, it must pass the test run on the grinding table. This kind of ceramic particle (bimolecular polyurethane material) is composed of red and green color matching. By slowly increasing the speed and gradually increasing the load, the micro convex part of the moving surface is gradually ground smooth, the lubricating strip is improved, and the service life of the machine is prolonged. The running in method can be carried out simultaneously with the running in of the diesel engine. After the running in, the old engine oil in the gear box must be drained out (it can be handled in a container). The operation can be carried out only after the production of materials such as EPP foam increases quickly or the technical problems are broken through one by one

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