Preparation of anti microbial polyimide coatings b

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Preparation of anti microbial polyimide coating by new technology in December2003, the new technology developed by ULVAC company in Japan can form 1~2 μ M. Generally, the anti microbial film is prepared by adding the anti microbial agent controlled electromechanical rotating additive inorganic material to the polymer, which has the advantages of no poison, smokeless, non-volatile and low price. However, such a coating can not maintain the anti microbial function for a long time, and it is difficult to use the homogeneous thin layer on the surface of products with complex shapes. The new technology solves these problems. The new coating can be used on the substrate with complex geometry. It is formed by vapor deposition copolymerization of 3,5-diaminobenzoic acid (DBA) and phenylene tetraanhydride (PMDA). The two monomers (dba:pmd 2A molar ratio is about 1:1) enter the vacuum box of the vapor deposition polymerization equipment (named vep-3000) of ULVAC COMPANY, which contains coated parts working at about 200 ℃ and Torr. When the substrate is heated to about 200 ℃, the uniform polyimide copolymer coating μ M/h rate formation, even in the pores of ceramic materials. After 24 hours, the polyimide coating showed a significant reduction in bacterial activity. Please accept my sincere congratulations for the new year. Potential applications include medical equipment, ceramic or metal sintered filters and building materials

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