Premier Wen Jiabao receives XCMG's representatives

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Premier Wen Jiabao meets with XCMG's representatives to the CEE Economic Forum More than 1000 guests, including leaders of Polish government and 360 enterprise representatives, attended the forum. XCMG group, as an engineering group

on April 26, the Poland China CEEC economic and trade forum was held at the Hilton Hotel in Warsaw, Poland. Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council and Prime Minister tusk of Poland, leaders of the Chinese and polish governments and 360 enterprise representatives attended the forum. XCMG, as the only enterprise in the construction machinery industry, was invited to participate in the event, Penglidong, the business manager of XCMG import and export company in Poland, as the representative of XCMG group, was cordially received by Premier Wen and took a group photo with him

Poland and other 16 central and Eastern European countries have a population of about 160million, accounting for one third of the total area of Europe. There is an urgent need to build a large number of airports, railways, bridges, highways and other infrastructure. This demand provides a rare opportunity for the export of China's construction machinery industry. XCMG has long predicted this trend. As early as this kind of water bag can replace the plastic water cup, XCMG established a Polish assembly plant in wowich City, Lodz Province, Poland in 2007 to actively promote the "localization" of product manufacturing. In 2011, it acquired two local core parts manufacturers with a value of 29.2742 million yuan, 35.9622 million yuan and 35.035 million yuan respectively in mass production of this material to improve its own industrial chain. Today, XCMG's share of the Polish market exceeds that of Komatsu, Carter and other foreign giants, ranking first

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