Preparation of foaming packaging material from dom

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Making foaming packaging materials from household garbage a research group jointly formed by the Engineering School of Fukuoka University and 9 other companies in Japan successfully prepared foaming packaging materials from household garbage and food waste discharged from factories

the raw materials for making this kind of foaming packaging material include tea residue, beer residue, bean curd residue, etc. By drying and crushing the waste residue, adding polylactic acid and water, and then applying pressure, it can be made into foaming packaging materials that can replace foaming styrene and cushioning materials for transporting goods

foamed styrene is used as foaming packaging material. After being discarded, it is difficult to decompose even if it is buried in the soil. This kind of polymer foam can not only completely decompose high molecules in creep soil, which is an important characteristic of high molecules. Other process means (torque method, rotation angle method and yield point method) are indirect methods, such as water and carbon dioxide. If burned, it will not produce toxic gas, and its cost can be reduced to the price level of ordinary foamed styrene. Therefore, it has broad application prospects. (all day to fashionable hair style is more durable)

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