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Preparations before vibration table detection I. the detection operator must be familiar with and understand the operation and use instructions for vibration testing machine

II. Before the test, the initial function of the test sample shall be tested, and the broken machine shall be replaced

III. select the appropriate fixture according to the shape of the test sample

IV. after the test piece is installed on the table, the height of the table must be adjusted (i.e. the air volume in the air chamber must be adjusted) so that the continuous honeycomb structural surface of the table screw which meets the flame to form a heat barrier is level with the table height indicator. If the screw plane is higher than the table height indicator, the inflation valve shall be deflated (a little). If the screw plane is lower than the table height indicator, the inflation valve shall be inflated (there is an air pump in the accessories)

startup steps of the vibration table

I. in front of the machine, ensure that the gain knob on the front panel of the vibration controller is at zero and the gain of the power amplifier is at the reset position. (that is, turn the gain potentiometer counterclockwise to the end)

2. Turn on the power supply of the power amplifier. (at this time, the platform cooling fan starts to rotate.)

III. turn on the power knob on the front panel of the vibration controller and the microcomputer power switch

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