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Low temperature pyrolysis of waste tires fundamentally solves the problem of tire environmental protection

with the rapid development of the automotive industry, the "black pollution" caused by waste tires is becoming increasingly serious. Developed countries in the world have begun to legislate to control "black pollution" and developed a series of waste recycling technologies. At present, developed countries such as the United States, the European Union and Japan mainly use waste tires as fuel and heat energy for cement, power generation and other industries

in contrast, for a long time, China has mainly used waste engineering tyres and truck tyres for the production of recycled rubber, while most of the waste car tyres are used for indigenous refining. Obviously, none of the above technologies can realize the complete resource, harmless and high-value utilization of waste tire resources. What is more serious is that a large number of unlicensed and illegal indigenous refining enterprises have poor production conditions and primitive and backward production processes, which have caused serious pollution and damage to the environment

the "industrialized integrated control low-temperature pyrolysis process and complete equipment of waste rubber tires" independently developed by Shanghai Jinshi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. fundamentally solves the problem of energy conservation and environmental protection in tire recycling. It adopts low temperature (420 ℃), new non catalytic pyrolysis process, depolymerization flash cracking and indirect heat transfer technology with strong service life to realize industrial continuous production; High temperature harmless (850 ℃) utilization technology is adopted for the non condensable gas produced in the pyrolysis process to provide thermal energy self-sufficiency for the pyrolysis reaction and effectively reduce the production energy consumption; The treatment of waste rubber tires can produce renewable fuel oil and promote the standardized management of carbon black in the renewable resources industry. It has the advantages of saving oil resources, energy conservation, environmental protection and low cost, and can partially replace the conventional carbon black in relevant industrial fields. In particular, there is no need to use catalyst in the production process, which is the first at home and abroad. At present, among the 21 similar technologies in the world, only the pyrolysis projects of golden key company do not use catalysts, and the pyrolysis temperature is the lowest, and most of the other projects have pyrolysis temperatures above 850 ℃

in this regard, the experts participating in the achievement appraisal meeting believed that this achievement was integrated and innovative, and produced a number of patented technologies, which reached the international advanced level in the field of creep limit research of metals that can be detected by the similar Jinan gold ring stiffness special experimental machine. They unanimously agreed that "industrialized integrated control of low-temperature pyrolysis process and complete equipment of waste rubber tire" passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements. It is suggested to further strengthen the R & D, manufacturing and production of acids and other mixtures and promote their application in the industry

Zhao Jianjun, chairman of golden key company, said that in the next few years, golden key company will plan to build pyrolysis production bases in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, the central and western regions, and the northeast region, which will deal with 230000 tons of waste rubber tires, 150000-200000 tons, 300000 tons, and 100000 tons of waste rubber tires annually

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