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The forestry laboratory develops low-cost paper

the forestry laboratory, the only unit engaged in pulp and paper research and development in the island, is a member of the polyester laboratory. In view of the high cost of the paper industry in the island, it actively develops a variety of special paper, of which the cost of color inkjet printing paper is almost reduced by more than 50% compared with the market cost

Yang Zhengchuan, director of the Forestry Experimental Institute, said that due to the limited area of forest land on the island and the high cost of afforestation, the paper species based on mass production are no longer in line with the management of the paper industry on the island. Therefore, we must develop technology intensive and high value-added paper to improve the economic value of less economic damage

at present, the Forestry Experimental Institute has eliminated equipment failures as soon as possible, and has developed a variety of special papers, such as agricultural seedling cups, hole planting tubes, fire-resistant paper, rust proof paper, insect proof paper, hygroscopic paper, hygroscopic paper, hand-made paper and antique art paper. This year, it has also developed color inkjet printing paper and air purification paper

according to the Forestry Experimental Institute, personal computers and printers have become very popular at present. Among them, inkjet printers, with the advantages of small models, low prices and high printing quality, will be the mainstream of office and print media applications in the future. However, when printing words or graphics on ordinary paper, the printing color density and water resistance are not ideal

therefore, different testing materials and testing machines have different indicators. The forestry laboratory uses the coating method to improve the surface properties of the paper with different adhesives and fillers. After comparison with 14 kinds of inkjet table printing paper on the market, the paper products with high unit price are not lost in quality, but in cost, calculated at the cost of one piece, it is about one yuan, which is more than half of the cost of about three yuan per piece sold on the market

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