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Low temperature storage and preservation of Bayberry

bayberry used for low temperature storage is harvested before it is fully mature. After fruit selection, cleaning 2, turning on the power and starting the motor (power supply voltage 380V 50Hz), freeze it for 15 minutes at - 25 ~ - 30 ℃, then put it into plastic bags and store it in the low-temperature cold storage at - 18 ℃, which can keep fresh for 6 ~ 8 months, but it is better to keep it for 1 ~ 2 months. Because there is a large amount of red bayberry on the market during storage and the cost is low, it is in the summer and high temperature season after storage, and the market is very good. In short, the length of storage period depends on the market supply and marketing dynamics and economic benefits

when shipping in large quantities, a bamboo basket with a high round shape and a small mouth with a cover is the best container for containing Bayberry Fruits. The size of the basket is 46 cm high and 35 cm in diameter. It is retracted at 3/4 of the height. Instruments such as universal material testing machine can be connected to computers. The diameter of the opening is 22 cm. There is a handle above the opening, which is convenient for handling and taking. When using, first put soft branches and leaves on the inner wall of the basket, such as ferns, etc. Then load the fruit, about 10 kilograms per basket

information source/there is no quick-frozen food from zero cow to infinity in China.

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