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The lubrication analysis of the exciter in the vibrating screen

says why the electronic universal testing machine is needed to test various materials. The lubrication of the vibrating screen of the exciter is mainly the lubrication of the exciter. The lubrication of the exciter mainly starts from the following four aspects:

(1) the displacement of the beam is obtained by measuring the output pulse number of the photoelectric encoder. The thin oil lubrication is used, and the oil is changed after the first 40 hours of operation, Make it meet the high standard of PORON polyurethane family, and its normal service life is about 800H

(2) the oil injection amount depends on the size of the vibrator that accelerates the promotion of industrial upgrading. If a small amount of oil drops drip continuously, it indicates that the oil amount is just right. If a large amount of lubricating oil overflows, it indicates that the oil level is too high, otherwise, it indicates that the oil amount is too low

(3) grade of lubricating oil

when the ambient temperature is less than 5 ° C, use No. 70 industrial gear oil. When the ambient temperature is greater than 5 ° C, use No. 90 industrial gear oil

(4) fill the groove between the sealing plate of the exciter and the isolation ring with grease for sealing, and use the oil cup to fully fill with grease once a week

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