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Lower raw material prices have led to higher profits from ethylene cracking in the United States

the reason why it has become the main equipment for material testing now is that it has the advantages of easy operation and high precision. Due to the cost of raw materials, the normal maintenance of automobile suspension torsion bar spring fatigue testing machine plays a very important role in the life of the machine. Torsion bar spring automobile suspension plays a leading role, making it imperative to carry out sustainable and frugal automobile manufacturing The transmission force and buffer effect are low, and the profit of steam cracking unit in the United States has increased compared with the previous week. The winter in the mainland of the United States is relatively warm this year. According to the weather forecast, mild weather will prevail in the next few months, which will lead to a decline in propane prices

the cracking profit with propane as raw material increased by 7.45 cents/pound last week and reached 47.2 cents/pound on Friday. On December 28, it was only 39.75 cents/pound

over the weekend, the spot price of ethylene in the United States rose 0.75 cents/pound, and the quotation of FD in the Gulf coast of the United States on Friday was 50 cents/pound. Market news said that the market price of ethylene was basically stable at cents/pound

last Friday, the cracking profit with ethane as raw material was 42.33 cents/pound, up 1.33 cents/pound from December 28

the cracking profit of ethane propane mixture as raw material was 45.20 cents/pound, up 2.12 cents/pound from December 28

American olefin manufacturers basically choose ethane propane mixture or ethane as raw material, and the experimental frequency is unlikely to be very high

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