TPE, the most popular TPE, takes the medical indus

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TPE of topsu takes the medical industry as the benchmark, and the best of the best

Dongguan topsu, which is committed to the research, development, production and sales of thermoplastic elastomer materials, was interviewed at chinaplas2013 International Rubber and plastic exhibition. Wang Fang, deputy manager of the company's R & D department, pointed out that the company's products mainly make it difficult for domestic small and medium-sized production enterprises to cope with the high-end market with the tightening of environmental protection policies. At the same time, the company always requires itself to strengthen the quality control of raw materials and ensure the product quality according to the medical industry standards

3. Maximum load: 10000n

about the products on display, Wang Fang said that they are mainly divided into industrial thermoplastic elastomers, medical thermoplastic elastomers, flame retardant thermoplastic elastomers and dynamic vulcanized rubber (TPV). Compared with traditional PVC materials, these products do not contain halogen and heavy metals, and do no harm to human body and the environment

in addition, compared with similar products at home and abroad, our products have price advantages. Wang Fang stressed that innovation is the foundation of an enterprise's progress. It shows that the green development goal of manufacturing industry has become the resonance department, which will spend about 6% of its sales revenue every year on the construction of scientific research talent team and the improvement of hardware conditions. At present, it has achieved good results in patents. Talking about the future development of thermoplastic elastomer market, Wang Fang said that TPE will have bright prospects in the medical field and automotive industry

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