Overview of PE markets around the country on Novem

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On November 27, the PE market overview of various places

Maoming 7042 reported yuan/ton, Maoming 2426h reported yuan/ton, Jihua 7260 reported 6800 yuan/ton, Jihua 7750 reported 7000 yuan/ton, Maoming tr144 reported 7800 yuan/ton including tax, Maoming 5502 reported 7700 yuan/ton including tax, all of which are tax inclusive prices

the quotation of imported materials in Tianjin PE market continued to rise. 0218d tax free report 7700 yuan/ton, tax inclusive report 8000 yuan/ton, 1002kw tax free report 8050 yuan/ton, CNPC 7260 report 7000 yuan/ton, linear report yuan/ton. Although there are few resources, traders are still cautious about the future market

driven by the rise of PetroChina, the market price of Shunde PE market maintained an upward trend, the demand was still weak, and the transaction was general. People on the floor continued to wait and see and operate cautiously. Guangzhou Petrochemical 7042 reported 7800 yuan/ton, Maoming 7042 reported 7800 yuan/ton, Maoming 2426k reported 7600 yuan/ton, tr144 reported 7500 yuan/ton, 5000S reported 7600 yuan/ton, 2911 reported 8300 yuan/ton, 218w reported 8100 yuan/ton, all of which are tax exclusive quotations

Shantou PE market has a small supply of goods, and the quotation continues to rise, but due to the weak demand, the overall transaction situation remains light, and people on the floor generally wait and see. Guanghua Petrochemical/Maoming 7042 no tax declaration yuan/ton, Guanghua Petrochemical 2001 no tax declaration 7800 yuan/ton, tr144 less goods no tax 770 usually exist in the situation of vanadium containing minerals or isomorphism, which is to continue to refine and issue relevant industrial support policies yuan/ton, Lanhua 5000S no tax declaration 7700 yuan/ton, Daqing 5000S no tax declaration 7600 yuan/ton, 7260 no tax declaration if found loose 6600 yuan/ton

the quotation of PE market in Hangzhou fluctuated slightly, and the inquiry and transaction were flat. Daqing 2426h reported 7700 yuan/ton, Yangba 2426h reported 7900 yuan/ton, tn26/100ac reported 7700 yuan/ton, Maoming 2426h reported 7700 yuan/ton, low-voltage wire drawing 5000S goods reported 8000 yuan/ton, SECCO 5502 goods reported 7800 yuan/ton, Maoming 5502 reported 7700 yuan/ton, 7260 reported 6800 yuan/ton, 8008 reported 6900 yuan/ton, 60550 reported 7000 yuan/ton, 5306j reported 7000 yuan/ton, 5301 reported 8200 yuan/ton

under the influence of the rise of PetroChina in Xiamen PE market, the speed of electromechanical machinery in Xiamen is slow, the market quotation is chaotic, the local circulation source is small, but there are not many transactions, and the wait-and-see atmosphere in the market is still obvious. Lanhua/Daqing 2426k reported 7800 yuan/ton, Lanhua 7042 reported 7900 yuan/ton, Jihua 7750 reported 7100 yuan/ton, Lanhua 5000S reported 8700 yuan/ton, 218w goods under reported 8200 yuan/ton, South Korea 7000F reported 8200 yuan/ton, the above quotations are tax inclusive

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