Overview of PP market in all regions on March 21

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March 21 PP Market Overview everywhere

the PP market in Linyi today is mainly stable, the overall supply of goods in the market is small, the trading atmosphere is good, and the transaction is general. Traders actively organize shipments. Market quotation: the quotation of Zhongyuan T30S is about 11750 yuan/ton

the PP market around the Central Plains is weak, the downstream demand is poor, and the transaction situation is not optimistic. In the early stage, the merchants who closed the plate began to ship goods, and the market supply was obviously more, while retail investors were mostly on the sidelines and received few goods. In terms of quotation: the quotation excluding tax of Zhongyuan wire drawing T30S is about 11450 yuan/ton, and the quotation including tax is about 12100 yuan/ton

in Tianjin PP market, the traders' shipments are light today, the quotation is stable today, and the traders' mentality fluctuates. At present, the market's shipment intention is acceptable, and the downstream demand is general. The quotation of Tianjin United T30S is 12200 yuan/ton, which is difficult to deal with. The quotation of CNPC T30S is 12250 yuan/ton. Traders' enthusiasm for finding goods is acceptable. It is difficult to find the supply of TIANLIAN copolymerization EPS30R, and the quotation of CNPC EPS30R is about 850 yuan/ton in 12 wire tubes

the PP market in Nanjing today is mainly stable, with poor high-level transactions. The overall supply of goods in the market is not much, traders' enthusiasm for shipping has increased, the trading atmosphere is acceptable, and the transaction is not good. Market quotation: Yangzi wire drawing F401 is about 12500 yuan/ton; Copolymers are scarce, and the quotation is on the high side, with individual quotations of about 13500 yuan/ton

3. Pendulum pre lift angle: the current price of 150 ° PP market in Xiamen is mainly stable, and the market supply is still small, but the price is high, and the transaction situation is embarrassing. The quotation remains stable: the mainstream of wire drawing in Hainan is about 12550 yuan/ton; Fulian wire drawing has few sources of goods, and the quotation is about yuan/ton; V30g is about 12450 yuan/ton. Fushun film material RF075 is 12500 yuan/ton

the PP market in Nanjing fell slightly this afternoon. There was not much supply in the market. The trading atmosphere was acceptable and the transaction was general. Traders' mentality is general. Market quotation: Yangzi wire drawing F401 is about 12450 yuan/ton; Copolymers are scarce, and the quotation is about 13250 yuan/ton

the current price of PP market in Shanghai is basically stable, the market quotation is high, the transaction is general, and the enthusiasm of merchants to ship has increased. Copolymerization supply is scarce, and the quotation is firm: CNPC wire drawing T30S is about 12400 yuan/ton; F501 is about 12400 yuan/ton; T300 is on the high side; The quotation of copolymer m2600r/m700r slightly weakened at 13000 yuan/ton

the transaction in Hangzhou PP market was poor, and the wiredrawing quotation fell slightly. The enthusiasm of traders for shipping is OK, the transaction is general, and the stock of traders' wire drawing warehouse is OK. Shanghai Petrochemical has a small supply of T300. Yangzi j340 is quoted at 13200 yuan/ton, m800e at 12900 yuan/ton, Yangzi K8003 at 13000 yuan/ton, m2600r at 13000 yuan/ton, and F401 at 12300 yuan/ton

the PP market in Quanzhou is mainly stable today, the market supply is not much, supporting the market to continue to be high prices, and the traders' mentality is OK. In terms of market quotation: Fujian wire drawing goods @2. The source is less than 30 seconds after power on, and the quotation is higher than RMB/ton; Hainan La is in the process of using. Silk may arrive next week, and there are not many sources of fiber and injection molding. Homopolymer products are mainly consumed in the local market

after the Shunde PP market rose yesterday, the current price is mainly stable. At present, the mainstream of wire drawing without ticket is about yuan/ton, and there is little change in injection molding. Guangzhou cjs700 is quoted at 11900 yuan/ton, and Maoming mphm160 is quoted at 11850 yuan/ton. Maoming Z30S quoted 11800 yuan/ton, and the price of copolymer also increased slightly. Maoming EPC30R-H quoted 12300 yuan/ton, Maoming ept30r quoted 12400 yuan but temporarily out of stock, and Guangzhou j641 quoted 12250 yuan/ton. But the deal is average. Due to the market volatility in the northern region and the decline of crude oil, middlemen are cautious about the future market and are generally optimistic

there are few PP market resources in Guangzhou, the mainstream price is stuck at a high level, and some goods are small and rise slightly. At present, the local T30S quotation is around 12400, which is difficult to deal with. Lanhua T30S quotation is 12350 yuan/ton, and Dalian T30S quotation is 12420 yuan/ton. The quotation of BOPP is yuan/ton. Hainan v30g offers 12400 yuan/ton, Maoming mphm160 offers 12350 yuan/ton, Maoming EPC30R-H offers 12700 yuan/ton, Maoming ept30r offers 12650 yuan/ton, and Daqing j641 offers 12750 yuan/ton. Market demand is light, and middlemen hold goods to wait and see

with the continuous price increase of PetroChina Northeast company in the early stage, the market price of PP market in Dalian is advancing slowly. However, the middlemen responded that the downstream acceptance was poor, and the petrochemical price hike led to a decline in the profits of merchants. With the sharp price reduction of crude oil, processing enterprises generally expect the raw materials to fall in response, and the tense capital chain has not significantly improved. At present, the mainstream quotation of local T30S is still about 12300 yuan/ton

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