Overview of PE markets around the country on Novem

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On November 23, 2009, the PE market overview of various places

the quotation of PE market in Central China is not much, and most merchants hold a wait-and-see attitude. 7050 tax included tentative quotation of 11100 yuan/ton, with few transactions

Yuyao PE market has few transactions, strong prices, calm traders, positive shipping attitude, and normal market supply. Daqing Petrochemical reported 11000 yuan/ton for 5000S

there are not many quotations in the PE market in Beijing, and the downstream inquiry atmosphere is general, and there are not many transactions for the time being. International crude oil prices fell, but LLDPE futures opened higher. On Monday, businesses had a strong wait-and-see atmosphere and were cautious in offering. Yanshan Petrochemical reported 10700 yuan/ton for 5000S, and Daqing Petrochemical reported 10600 yuan/ton for 5000S

transactions in Nanjing PE market were light and prices stabilized. The price of 5000S is 10900 yuan/ton, and that of 5301b is 10300 yuan/ton. Low voltage supply is still small

the transaction in Hangzhou PE market is light, the price is stable, the actual transaction price has a certain negotiation space, the supply of goods is relatively sufficient, and traders are more enthusiastic about shipping. Yangzi Petrochemical reported 10900 yuan/ton for 5000S. Maoming Petrochemical 5502 reported 10500 yuan/ton

the price of PE market in Shanghai is stable, the transaction is light, and the confidence of traders is somewhat insufficient, so there is a certain negotiation space for the transaction. Lanhua 5000S reported 10900 yuan/ton

the PE market in Tianjin Port rose by yuan/ton. The inquiry of downstream factories/middlemen is OK, and there are not many transactions for the time being. The hardness values of rubber and plastic, such as shore hardness HA and HD, indicate the ability of the material surface to resist the pressure of solid objects. International crude oil fell, but LLDPE futures are still operating at a high level. Traders have paid more attention to the futures trend offer recently and are actively shipping for the time being. 0218d does not include 10730 yuan/ton

the PE market quotation of Qilu Chemical City is maintained. At present, the shrinkage strength of foam foamed by middlemen/downstream factories is significantly higher than that of foam foamed at room temperature. It is expected that the strength is relatively strong, and the transaction is general temporarily after the quotation is high. 7042 excluding tax is 10650 yuan/ton

the supply of goods in Linyi PE market is general, and the quotation is basically the same as that at the weekend. The downstream buyers are short of buying gas, and the transaction is generally light. 7042 at 10800 yuan/ton

the quotation of the three protection methods of electronic universal material testing machine in Guangzhou PE market today is basically the same as last week. The market transaction is slightly slow, and most brands are upside down, with a range of about 50 yuan/ton. Downstream factories are generally enthusiastic about taking orders. The trading volume of this kind of experimental machine is not large temporarily, and the merchants ship according to the market. 7042n Lanzhou is 11250 yuan/ton

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