What are the top ten anti-theft door brands in 201

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Burglar proof door is the first barrier of the family, which shoulders the safety, warmth preservation, sound insulation and other functions of the whole family. It is also the door with the highest frequency of use, so when choosing a burglar proof door brand, you must choose one with good reputation and quality. Then the following editor will introduce the top ten brands of burglar proof doors in 2018, and provide them for everyone to choose. Let's have a look

1. Panpan: Panpan is a brand specializing in the production of household doors. At present, it has developed more than 10 different types of doors, including anti-theft doors, rolling shutter doors, fully automatic garage doors, indoor doors, steel wood doors and more than 100 series

2. Wang Li: the company's business involves a wide range of products, including anti-theft doors, scooters, Kitchenware and so on. The anti-theft safety of its anti-theft doors has been awarded China's famous brand products by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine

3. Kincaid: Kincaid was founded in Mendu, China &mdash& mdash; Yongkang, whose products include indoor doors, bathroom doors, burglar proof doors, fire doors, villa doors, aluminum doors and windows, provides users with a one-stop overall solution for doors and windows& ldquo; Kincaid ”, Chinese free translation is to put morality first, and translation into Chinese is “ Gold quality ” Meaning. Gold, the symbol of quality, is not afraid of fire; Gold, the symbol of integrity, promises thousands of gold; Gold, the symbol of eternity, is the same as rain

4. Buyang: it has 11 modern and latest production lines, with an annual output of 3.5 million anti-theft safety doors. It has become China's first safety door, a Chinese famous brand product, a national inspection free product, and has been rated as China's top 100 enterprises

5. Xingyueshen: it has 12 production lines and 70 assembly lines, and has completed the production of steel, copper, wood, stainless steel and other materials and manufacturing processes, and has also won a number of honors

6. Group rise: group rise is “ Parts and products selected for the national healthy housing demonstration project ”, It has been rated as a Zhejiang famous brand for two consecutive years, and its products are of good quality and deeply loved by consumers

7. Meixin: Meixin is a comprehensive enterprise, one of which is door manufacturing. At present, it produces various series of doors, such as safety doors, indoor doors, fire doors, roller shutter doors, etc., becoming one of the largest door manufacturers in China

8. Spring: established in 2002, it has developed into a powerful enterprise with a production base of 15million square meters and an annual output of 1.5 million doors, with more than 2000 sales outlets across the country

9. Wanjia: Wanjia “ Honest management ” For the company's concept of anti-theft door brand, create a powerful installation team, not only provide high-quality products, but also provide customers with professional after-sales service

10. Feiyue: it has a professional R & D and production team, as well as a perfect service system, leading the door industry to the trend of development, and providing each consumer with the most cost-effective products

article summary: the above introduction about the top ten anti-theft door brands in 2018 is here. If you want to buy anti-theft doors, you can use the anti-theft door brands introduced by the above editor as a reference. If you have favorite brand suggestions, you can have a deep understanding. Finally, I hope the above content can help you





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