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June 12, Libo cabinet? The whole house customized brand in-depth experience summit was grandly held at the company headquarters

on June 12, Libo cabinet? The whole house customized brand in-depth experience summit was grandly held in the company headquarters. Outstanding elites from all over the country gathered here to interpret the new developments and new trends of the industry, witness the brand strength and brand charm of Libo, and discuss wealth opportunities together

360 degree in-depth experience and brand strength

in order to see the brand strength of Libo, the intended dealers visited the 4.0 smart factory of Deyi group and Libo mass production base. The digitalized and intelligent production workshop, world-class production equipment and good workshop environment show a modern intelligent enterprise to the intended dealers

the staff explained the origin of Libo brand and every detail of Libo products from raw materials to design, process to production and delivery, so that the intended dealers have a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of Libo. Intelligent manufacturing is in front of us. The exquisite beauty of Libo products makes everyone feel the leading edge of Libo in manufacturing technology, which has been deeply cultivated in the cabinet industry for 17 years, and greatly enhances the confidence of interested franchisees to join Libo family

this visit also specially arranged for interested dealers to experience Libo Dajiang Dongmen store. Entering the East Gate store of Lijiang Lijiang, the high-end and unique store design, the decoration of each place and the display design of each product have made the intended dealers full of praise. What extends in my mind is not only the top lifestyle, but also the business opportunity road of the future home furnishing industry

innovative thinking mode, leading the way of wealth creation

in the afternoon, Libo cabinet? The whole house customized brand in-depth experience summit officially kicked off. At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. huguoshuai, general manager of Libo home, delivered a speech with enthusiasm. On behalf of Libo, he extended a warm welcome to the interested dealers present, and elaborated on the grand goals and strategic blueprint of Libo home in the future. He hoped that all of you here could grasp the business opportunities and go to a bright future with Libo. The speech drew warm applause from everyone

subsequently, Liu Yongxing, the director of product development department, Zhu XunTong, the director of marketing department, Luo Defu, the director of operation Department, and Shen Linjin, the director of development department, respectively carried out professional interpretation and Analysis on products, brand promotion, project promotion, policies and other topics, so that the intended dealers had an in-depth understanding of Libo's innovative thinking in development and the business development model that can quickly adapt to the changing situation of competition. Choice is very important. Only by mastering differentiated and cutting-edge brands can we embark on the road of win-win

sign up one after another to win the future with Libo

through in-depth visit experience and in-depth discussion and exchange, the intended dealers highly recognize Libo's brand, products and business model. After full negotiation, many interested dealers firmly signed cooperation agreements - this is mutual trust, the rise of wealth, and a win-win future

finally, Libo prepared a rich dinner for friends from all over the world. Thank you for coming all the way to attend this summit! Both sides raise their glasses to wish each other a long and long cooperation and a brighter future! Continue to write a new wealth legend in the field of whole house customization




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