Elongsen state door series is an extraordinary cho

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ELong sengmen: create a fashion concept, with the help of fashion elements, and play with the trend of life; Innovate environmental protection technology, paint free production mode, and never stop exploring

a fashionable wooden door that people fall in love with at first sight, either starts from appearance, or is loyal to temperament, or is trapped in natural and environmental protection, while the Mori series has both

simple flat door

Edinburgh series

flat door looks simple and wonderful

but it is actually extremely fine

not publicized, warm and comfortable

with texture, but also particularly durable

uncomplicated and not too eye-catching wooden door shape

whether it is matched with Chinese style, American style or modern style

, And improve the artistic style

flat bifurcated door

Edinburgh series

abandon the complicated decoration

with classic designs such as dot line combination, color block splicing, line segmentation

let people feel fresh and neat from the room to the heart

white is when the flashiness fades Take a break

return to the origin

the purest color of life

perfect match

Mori style door series has a variety of colors to choose from

whether you are a princess room, a little prince or a queen

you can always find your own style

exquisite internal buckle door

Vancouver series

Vancouver series adopts internal buckle design

the shape will be very strong and three-dimensional

modeling lines, It is an elegant Exquisite artworks

pay attention to all places within sight

every style can hold

every collocation is the finishing touch

textured upturned door

New Zealand series

white for designers

is the starting point of all great imagination and creation

let everything start from the beginning

it is the simplest color

and the most inclusive color

Mori gate series, Natural breath

innovative work in pursuit of fashion trends

every style that is appropriate

can reflect your uniqueness in minutes

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