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China's drones swept the anti-terrorism battlefield. African powers snapped up 76 drones at one go. China's drones are so easy to use. Egypt has become addicted to drones. It bought 76 at one go and used them to fight terrorists. According to the media, the first defense exhibition in Egyptian history opened in Cairo on the 3rd, attracting 373 companies from 41 countries including China, the United States, Russia, Britain, France, Germany and India. The exhibition was the largest in Egypt, and the Egyptian President, who was a soldier, also attended the opening ceremony. At this exhibition, Egypt showed great interest in the army weapons launched by China, including the "pterodactyl" UAV that can mount the blue arrow 7 air to ground missile. Egypt has already imported dozens of "pterodactyl" UAVs from China to carry out reconnaissance, intelligence and surveillance missions

you know, Egypt is an important customer in China's UAV market. Before the introduction of "pterodactyl" UAVs, Egypt purchased 12 domestic ans-209 UAVs in 2011. The aforementioned person in charge of Zhongwang said that these UAVs are also used to perform reconnaissance and intelligence gathering tasks. While introducing this UAV, it also introduced relevant production licenses, which to a certain extent improved the reconnaissance capability of the Egyptian army

for Egypt, the purpose of introducing Chinese UAVs is mainly to combat some radical armed elements. These people are often hidden in the crowd and difficult to identify. It is difficult to achieve results only by manpower. Especially when they escape or attack, they often cause a wave of riots. To this end, it is necessary to introduce an all-in-one surveillance and beating machine such as pterodactyl to prevent terrorists from misbehaving. According to public information, Egypt has introduced two types of UAVs, namely pterosaur 1 and pterosaur 1D. Among them, the pterodactyl-1 UAV has a wingspan of 14 meters and an external hook of 100 kg. It can carry up to two munitions, but the types of munitions are not limited. It includes surface missiles, guided bombs, anti infantry bombs and other weapons. It has a dwell time of about 20 hours. It can not only carry out reconnaissance missions, but also carry out ground attack missions. Due to its excellent performance and low price, Egypt purchased 32 UAVs at one go, which did not disappoint the Egyptian military and created many achievements in actual combat

recently, the Egyptian air force also displayed the latest UAV propaganda video, showing images of Chinese made pterosaur UAVs and UAV consoles

the video released by the Egyptian military shows that the pterodactyl-1 UAV used AR-1 air to ground missiles to attack terrorists. The video shows that the missile launched by the pterodactyl-1 UAV directly hit a high-speed pickup truck, and the bombed terrorists fled in all directions. This is an advertisement for the Chinese military industry with actual combat results. After all, so far, only the armed UAVs of China and the United States can hit the missile target in actual combat

although pterosaur 1 performs well, its shortcomings are also obvious, that is, the dwell time is too short and the loading capacity is too small. Because the terrorists in Egypt often change places with one shot, and the personnel are scattered, the dwell time and loading capacity of pterosaur UAV must be improved. It can be said that pterosaur 1 is a trial product for the Egyptian military, but there are still some shortcomings after the trial

with the attitude of being responsible to customers, China has upgraded the pterodactyl-1 and transformed the pterodactyl-1d UAV. The UAV has a wingspan of 17.5 meters, a load of 400 kg, and can carry 4 bombs and missiles. In addition to upgrading its payload, it also upgraded its reconnaissance capability. China has installed synthetic aperture radar on the pterodactyl 1D, raising its flight altitude from 3500 meters to 7000 meters today. This upgrade enables pterodactyl 1D to continuously detect surface objects in all weather conditions while expecting technological breakthroughs and policy support. The photos taken by its synthetic aperture radar technology are very clear

since pterodactyl 1 has been upgraded to meet its own requirements, Egypt has ordered 32 pterodactyl 1D UAVs at this year's Zhuhai Zhuhai Hainan Air Show. Besides Egypt, other countries purchasing Chinese pterodactyl UAVs include Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan and other countries. With the use of more and more countries, it is believed that China will receive more orders for pterodactyl UAVs in the future

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