The hottest Chinese dragon emerged from 3D printer

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"China dragon" emerged from the 3D printer.

since human beings entered the industrial era, the production mode of large machines has always followed the mode of mold products. However, it was seen at the soft Trade Fair yesterday that a carefully carved Chinese dragon emerged from the 3D printer without the help of any mold

at this soft trade fair, the Guangdong delegation, which has always been the leader, ate crabs again and brought a mature 3D printer. We saw at the scene that this printer is the same size as an ordinary printer. The difference is that the ordinary printer uses paper, while this 3D printer uses plastic, fiber and other raw materials. At the top of the printer, a needle flew up and down, just like a sewing machine needle sewing clothes. After more than an hour, a carefully carved Chinese dragon emerged. Li Meng, an engineer from the Institute of automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the 3D printing technology, under the guidance of computer-aided design data, comprehensively uses a series of technologies such as electronic drawing, remote data transmission, laser scanning and material melting to stack specific metal and plastic powders layer by layer according to the instructions of the electronic model diagram, and finally forms a physical object. 3D printing technology integrates three key links: conceptual design, technical verification (mold) and production and manufacturing to complete the manufacturing at one go. Anything that can bring great pressure to the production of the battery industry through computer 3D design can be manufactured by 3D printer, which will greatly reduce the time from concept to setting of the product, so as to speed up the supply and renewal cycle of the product. Said Li Meng

please take out the spare fuse and install it. 3D printing technology will greatly improve the utilization of raw materials. Traditional product manufacturing is mainly based on subtraction. 5. For the test pieces with complex shapes, cushion materials with corresponding shapes should be used to remove the excess parts to form parts through cutting, grinding, corrosion, melting and other processes, and then be assembled and welded into products. In this process, more than 50% of the raw materials will be wasted; The 3D printing technology does addition without primitive embryo and mold. It can print products directly according to the computer graphic data by adding materials layer by layer. There is almost no waste in the whole production process. The relevant person in charge of the Organizing Committee of the soft trade fair said that with the maturity of 3D printing technology and the decline of material costs, a new industrial revolution that has changed the human production mode for hundreds of years is quietly taking place

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