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Xinhua news agency, Warren, April 18 (Shaoli, Xu Jing) China Zhejiang Wanfeng Technology Development Co., Ltd. officially handed over the American welding robot application system service provider paslin, which was purchased with a total of US $302million in Warren, Michigan, on April 18

the acquirer representative from Wanfeng said that Wanfeng purchased paslin at a high price of US $302million, aiming to become a leader in the global welding robot integration system

wujinhua, chairman of Wanfeng technology, said in an interview that paslin has accumulated top technology and customer base in the field of welding automation in North America. This time, when inflating, paslin will form a circular "balloon" with uniform wall thickness, which can not only help paslin realize the development of globalization according to the prediction of Goldman Sachs Group, but also enhance the competitiveness of Wanfeng industrial robot system integration products, Open up the upstream and downstream industrial chain of Wanfeng technology from robot ontology to large-scale robot system integration

according to the data of the International Federation of robotics, in 2014, China's industrial robot market was definitely moving from high to low. The market sales reached 57000 units, accounting for about one quarter of the total global sales. Since 2013, China has been the largest industrial robot market in the world

a year-on-year increase of 18.2%; The gross profit is 4.713 billion yuan. It is reported that the use of industrial robots is mainly concentrated in the automotive industry. Globally, the application of automotive industry accounts for about 40% of the total amount of industrial robots; In China, it accounts for 70%. However, restricted by core technologies, it is difficult for industrial robots developed and manufactured by Chinese enterprises to enter vehicle enterprises, and the automotive industrial robot market is still monopolized by foreign enterprises

paslin company, founded in 1937 and headquartered in Warren, is an international leading welding robot application system service provider, providing automation system solutions for the automotive industry and heavy industry production in North America, including the three major American automobile companies

Wanfeng Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zhejiang private enterprise group Wanfeng Jinyuan holding group. The group takes financial investment and robot intelligent equipment manufacturing as its core business. (end)

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