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On December 1, 2016 (Beijing), China Enterprise Network Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Enterprise Communication") announced that it had signed a cooperation agreement with Dadi cinema group, a benchmark enterprise in the film industry, in Beijing to become an ICT strategic partner of Dadi cinema group, and to provide complete ICT management solutions from the aspects of consulting, design, deployment, operation and maintenance, Implement information transformation, comprehensively optimize and upgrade network architecture, network security, data center and high-speed network access, support the implementation of Dadi cinema group's film + strategy, create an experiential cinema ecosystem with multi format operation, and lead the new era of the cinema industry

Mr. heweizhong, President of China enterprise communications, signed a contract with Ms. Yu Xin, general manager of Dadi cinema group to become a strategic partner

continuous innovation - improving competitiveness and optimizing customer experience

as a witness to the development of China's film industry, Dadi cinema group has been a leader in the domestic cinema industry for ten years. As of october31,2016, Dadi cinema group has 334 theaters and 1795 theaters in total, It covers 28 provinces and 158 cities in China. As the first fully digital cinema in China, Dadi cinema group is determined to innovate and put forward the film + strategy. Ms. Yu Xin, general manager of Dadi cinema group, said: the film + strategy is to take the cinema as the core, deeply manage the film culture group, and strive to create an experiential cinema ecosystem with multi format operations such as creative catering, creative retail, creative interconnection, and creative culture. The innovative business philosophy of China enterprise communications coincides with our business development strategy. We hope to join hands with China enterprise communications, through its leading comprehensive scientific and technological strength, effectively implement information management, meet consumption upgrading needs, strongly support the implementation of film + strategy, and enhance brand competitiveness

a commemorative gift for the cooperation between China enterprise communications and Dadi cinema group

continuous and stable operation of innovation, safe and efficient

promoting the implementation of film + strategy will require the standardization and digitalization of cinema business, and the reliable and stable operation of ticketing system and management system as the core driving force must be ensured. In addition, with the rapid development of the business of Dadi cinema group, the whole system network continues to extend, and the architecture becomes more and more complex. Wangshidi, senior director of informatization of Dadi cinema group, said: through this cooperation, we will adopt the one-stop ICT solution of Chinese enterprise communication, re plan the infrastructure of system, network, security and business guarantee of Dadi cinema group, and establish standardized operation processes and management mechanisms to facilitate unified management and operation and maintenance, so as to ensure business continuity

in addition, China enterprise communications will create a high-level infrastructure support solution, including a complete end-to-end network infrastructure and an efficient data center as the theater business system operating environment. At the same time, it will be equipped with tr as shown in Figure 1: ustcsi UTM, as an Internet platform to ensure the safety of local cinemas and core systems, will effectively support the theater business systems of Dadi cinema group in more than 100 cities across the country to operate efficiently and stably. This series of upgrades not only provide instant information and communication support for the decision-making of film + strategy, but also open up its online and offline consumption scenarios, so that customers can have a better experience in ticket booking, seat selection, film viewing and consumption

China enterprise communications will provide custody management for Dadi cinema group. With its strong service coverage and professional one-stop operation and maintenance capability, it will provide Dadi cinema group with 7*24-hour overall operation and maintenance support for cinemas across the country. Among them, integrated planning, centralized control, rapid response, deployment change, etc. will greatly reduce the operation and maintenance pressure of Dadi cinema, and more resources will be used for the improvement and upgrading of it business

(from left to right) Mr. mayuzhao, President of international business cooperation and partner development of CITIC International Telecom CPC company, Mr. kuangweiji, senior vice president of information technology and Security Service Department of China enterprise communications company, Mr. heweizhong, President of China enterprise communications company, and Mr. wangshidi, senior director of informatization of Dadi cinema group, jointly injected red wine into the ice sculpture, and China enterprise communications officially moved forward to innovation? Continuous new mileage

continuous innovation - help the team to make digital transformation of enterprises according to the requirements of China Polyurethane Industry Association and Shanghai Polyurethane Industry Association

in the Internet + era, all industries are undergoing industrial changes. The new connection means led by Internet are rapidly penetrating into traditional industries, and a digital economy form based on new network connection is taking shape. As an early ICT service provider engaged in virtual cloud computing services in China, China enterprise communications not only witnessed this change, but also helped enterprises' digital transformation by providing integrity solutions from consulting, design, deployment, operation and maintenance

heweizhong, President of China enterprise communications, said: as a pioneer in the ICT field, China enterprise communications must have innovative thinking to open a new era of wisdom. Only by keeping up with market trends and customer development needs and making continuous innovation can we build a blueprint for future development and become the preferred information and communication technology (ICT) partner for customers. The in-depth cooperation with Dadi cinema group, a leading enterprise in the cinema industry, will implement the business philosophy of continuous innovation and create efficient new network solutions for the cinema industry according to the objectives of Dadi cinema group and its own network situation. With leading network technology, network nodes all over the country, efficient and stable data centers and a strong team of technical experts, China enterprise communications will help Dadi cinema group implement the film + strategy, successfully transform in the digital economy and promote the development of China's film industry. Create greater value for the market and customers

innovation continues to create maximum value for the enterprise

information technology is developing rapidly. Continuous exploration of trends and continuous innovation and progress are the winning ways for the sustainable development of enterprises. Based on the business philosophy of continuous innovation, China enterprise communications, together with the shareholder CITIC International Telecom CPC and its partners, will launch a number of optimization projects to provide more solid support for customer informatization, including:

new data centers - Beijing and Guangzhou cloud data centers are planned to be opened in 2017

expand network coverage - the Chinese enterprise communication network covers more than 80 service nodes in 60 cities nationwide. In the future, we will actively expand the network service 2 Put the new broach on the double/multiple nodes of the service stronghold on the knife box and other cities in China and key cities. It is expected that next year, it can be extended to the "the Belt and Road" region through partners

increasing cloud service platforms and optimizing cloud and security solutions will work with advanced technology partners to launch a number of innovative solutions and value-added services in 2017, making service response time faster and diversified cloud computing solutions closer to market demand

in the future, we will actively strengthen our capabilities in new information and communication fields such as big data analysis, IOT, nfv and SDX. At the same time, we will provide more advanced and innovative solutions through our high-quality network facilities and services to help enterprise customers expand their business territory. Mr. he added

about China enterprise communications

China Enterprise Network Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Enterprise Communication") is a subsidiary of CITIC Group. It provides reliable and comprehensive information and communication technology (ICT) suppliers for enterprises. It has a good industry reputation, strong shareholder background, extensive network coverage, diversified customer resources and perfect customer service ability. At the same time, the company has a number of value-added telecommunications business licenses of category I and category II of the Ministry of information industry, including IP VPN national business license, IDC cross regional business license, ICP national business license, etc. it is also an ICT comprehensive service provider with iso90010 ℃ ~ - 20 ℃ about 1.5 ℃/min, ISO27001, TL9000 and ISO20000 certifications in Chinese Mainland. With years of operation and cooperation experience with world-renowned partners, China enterprise communications is committed to providing customers and partners with high-end communication services and information technology solutions. It is a reliable partner for enterprises and business partners

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