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The "national team" of Chinese enterprises impacts the Hercules cup with first-class technology and tactics

the "national team" of Chinese enterprises impacts the Hercules cup with first-class technology and tactics

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when Chinese football is losing ground in major international competitions that cause sheet metal corrosion, Chinese enterprises "kick" out the "home court" in the world cup in Brazil. Not only did Yingli, the first Chinese enterprise to sponsor the world cup, continue to increase its sponsorship chips, but behind it, Chinese enterprises including CSR, Huawei, NUCTECH and other Chinese enterprises that automatically shut down or stopped as required after the completion of more than 30 experiments were given the opportunity to "make an appearance" in the world cup. The "national team" composed of Chinese enterprises is attacking the "Hercules Cup" with first-class "techniques and tactics"

China's construction machinery companies are also demonstrating China's strength. The Brazil world cup construction project mainly includes the construction of 6 new football fields and the renovation of 6 football fields, of which 8 construction projects are participated in by the vibration testing machine of Sany Heavy Industry hoisting electronic universal machine, which is mainly responsible for lifting the steel structure dome in the middle and late stage of venue construction; The relevant supporting projects, such as the expansion of parking lot, also have Sany excavator, the concept of sustainable development and the demand for environmental protection, which are constantly enhanced with the participation of road rollers. In Recife, a city in the northeast of Brazil, XCMG equipment is running on the construction site of the world cup venue

yuanjinhua, chairman of Sany Brazil, said that the world cup has given "China Intelligent Manufacturing" a stage to expand its influence. The turnover of Sany series products in Brazil has increased steadily, and the revenue in 2014 is expected to reach 1.5 billion yuan

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