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China's economy will not have a hard landing quality and efficiency become the main contradiction

China's economy will not have a hard landing quality and efficiency become the main contradiction

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guide reading: (5) regularly check the transmission condition of the sprocket. Although the outside world has heard a lot of speculation that China's economy will have a hard landing, these pessimistic comments seem to have little impact on Kunshan, which is located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta, the most economically developed region in China. At the intersection of Kunshan and Shanghai, there is a land of 50 square kilometers. There are many skyscrapers. You can't hear the workshop work

despite the constant speculation that China's economy will have a "hard landing", these pessimistic comments seem to have little impact on Kunshan, which is located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta, the most economically developed region in China

there is a land of 50 square kilometers at the intersection of Kunshan and Shanghai. There are many skyscrapers, and the roar of workshop work is not heard. This is in sharp contrast to the low traditional manufacturing plants around. It seems that people forget that Kunshan is one of the most important processing and trade bases in China

here is Huaqiao International Business City, the largest development zone dominated by modern service industry in China. Although it is still under construction in full swing, it has attracted a large number of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as French Capgemini, American Genpact, Beijing Colette, and ocean data, by virtue of its proximity to Shanghai and its relatively low operating costs

the sluggish recovery in Europe and the United States places China's economy in an adverse external environment. Some public opinions expect that it will be more difficult for China's economy to maintain steady and rapid development. However, Kunshan rose to the challenge in 2012 and set the economic work goal as "good" first and "fast" first. If it can be fast, it will be fast, it will be first, and it will be super, so as to promote the economy to maintain high growth on the high platform

guanaiguo, Secretary of Kunshan Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, said that although the external environment is deteriorating, after more than 30 years of rapid development of reform and opening up, Kunshan's comprehensive strength has been continuously enhanced, social construction has been significantly strengthened, urban and rural development has become more coordinated, and people's lives have been continuously improved. All these have accumulated experience and consolidated the foundation for further development

if Kunshan's courage comes from its solid "family background" and its always sensitive "smell" of advanced development, does the entire Chinese economy have the same confidence to spend 2012, which is more complicated than the 2008 financial crisis? Can the world's second largest economy achieve a "soft landing"? The ideas and arrangements for China's economic and social development at the upcoming two sessions in early March have attracted much attention

China, which has experienced the baptism of the international financial crisis, has long realized the significance of transformation and upgrading and expanding domestic demand for sustainable development. The central economic work conference at the end of last year pointed out that we must firmly grasp the strategic basis of expanding domestic demand, and focus more on ensuring and improving people's livelihood and accelerating the development of the service industry. These problems need to be solved urgently, but it is obviously not a day's work. Fortunately, both enterprises and the government are creating various conditions to achieve these goals. Although this process is full of hardships, it is also the inexhaustible driving force for China's long-term economic growth

the area of Kunshan is less than one tenth of China's land area, but it produces more than half of the world's notebook computers. In recent years, with apple moving the production line of tablet computers to the lower cost zhongcongdi distribution, Kunshan's manufacturing advantage is not as good as that of the previous year. Therefore, it is more urgent to transform and upgrade from traditional processing trade to emerging industries such as high-tech industry and service industry

"we will vigorously develop emerging industries and modern service industries, accelerate the centralized development of headquarters economy, modern logistics, trade and exhibition, modern finance, e-commerce and other industries, and finally form a modern industrial system with high-tech industry as the guide, advanced manufacturing as the foundation, modern service industry as the support, and modern urban agriculture as the characteristics." Guan Aiguo said

domestic demand has always been the weakness of China's economy and the main focus of policy. The 2011 statistical bulletin issued by the National Bureau of statistics shows that the contribution of domestic demand to economic growth has been further improved. In 2011, the contribution rate of final consumption to the economic growth from import to production was 51.6%, an increase of 10.1 percentage points over the previous year. In the eyes of Taiwanese businessman chenshunlang, the mainland market has great potential. Advantech (China) Co., Ltd., where he works, is a high-tech Taiwan funded enterprise mainly engaged in R & D, design and manufacturing of large and medium-sized electronic computers, sensitive components and sensors, computer-aided systems, etc

"the mainland is undergoing drastic changes in consumption upgrading. More and more cities are building subways and upgrading infrastructure. Among them, the requirements for intelligent operation are becoming higher and higher, which means unlimited business opportunities for us." Chenshunlang said, "we are confident that the annual growth rate of the company's performance will reach 20% in the next decade."

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