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Supply side reform helps the "13th five year plan" and helps the textile industry to break through.

the State Council and the general office of the State Council recently issued the guiding opinions on accumulating a simple injection molded plastic part seen at the construction site of the Jinyu 150000 ton high-end precision cast aluminum alloy project in Tongling Economic Development Zone, which can play a role of welding many metal parts together, play a leading role in new consumption, speed up the cultivation and formation of new supply and new power The two major documents of the guiding opinions on accelerating the development of lifestyle services to promote the upgrading of consumption structure deploy consumption upgrading and cultivate new supply and new power

in fact, from November 10 to 18, what should we pay attention to before? In the last nine days, the central government mentioned "supply side reform" four times, which has become the hottest word in China's economic field recently. Industry insiders pointed out that recently, high-level officials have intensively emphasized that while appropriately expanding total demand, we should focus on strengthening supply side structural reform, strive to improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system, and enhance the driving force of sustained economic growth. The above two documents are to achieve consumption upgrading through supply side reform. "Supply side reform" shows the adjustment of high-level economic judgment and governance ideas. The reference to the "troika" of export, investment and consumption is gradually fading from the official discourse system, and "supply side reform" will become the focus for some time to come

the supply side reform proposed by the central government is to cope with the economic situation in the short term and to solve the contradiction between supply and demand and the imbalance between consumption and investment in the long term. At present, it is the consensus in the industry that there is limited space to continue to stimulate the economy through demand side management. How to carry out the supply side structural reform has become the most important topic related to China's economic prospects. Strengthening the "supply side reform" shows that the central decision-making adheres to the problem orientation. Starting from the reason why production and supply researchers hope to have more theoretical understanding of the expansion of materials, they can create a new driving force for economic development. At present, China has entered a country with upper middle income level, and its demand has been upgraded. Only when the industrial structure keeps pace, the development of modern service industry and high-end manufacturing industry is accelerated, and industries with serious overcapacity are accelerated to clear, can new core competitiveness be formed

market analysts believe that the deductive path of the development of the A-share market in recent years shows that mainstream funds like to look for potential stocks from policy guidance. At present, "supply side reform" has quickly become the focus of mainstream funds, and may become a new stock selection logic. With the clarity of the idea of supply side structure reform, the industrial cycle of China's traditional manufacturing industry is expected to be actively improved. This is undoubtedly conducive to the improvement of capacity utilization rate of high-quality enterprises in traditional industries, and then alleviate the constraints of traditional industrial cycles on the valuation coordinates of relevant listed companies in the secondary market. It can be expected that during the 13th Five Year Plan period, the central government is likely to introduce heavy measures to solve the problem of "overcapacity", and textile and other industries related to people's livelihood are expected to become the focus

at present, China's textile industry is generally facing diversified challenges such as rising costs, intensifying market competition and capital shortages, and the problem of overcapacity has long existed. From the phenomenon that domestic residents rush to buy infant clothing overseas, we can see that these are related to the strong demand of residents' daily life, which is the potential of China's economic growth. Under the guidance of the national strategy of "supply side reform", it is an inevitable trend for the textile industry to speed up mergers and acquisitions and improve industry concentration

according to media reports earlier, the 13th five year plan for the textile industry will promote the development of the textile industry in the direction of green, low-carbon, digitalization, intelligence and flexibility, and promote the transformation and development of China's textile industry from "big" to "big and strong"

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