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Beijing photovoltaic power generation policy supporting equipment

Beijing photovoltaic power generation policy supporting equipment

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Beijing photovoltaic power generation policy supporting equipment

photovoltaic equipment field is ushering in a visible investment layout opportunity. In 2019, the photovoltaic industry ushered in a more favorable policy environment, and the sustainable development of the industry after de subsidy gradually formed a trend. The new technology iteration brings about the arrival of industrial structural investment. Photovoltaic cell equipment suppliers with core competitiveness and outstanding equipment R & D dividends are expected to stand out and form a continuous rising market. Beijing photovoltaic power generation policy supporting equipment

to solve the problem of abandoning wind and light, it is obviously not enough to rely on one party's efforts. In the interview, many experts said that the problem of wind and light abandonment involves many aspects, including dispatching, local governments, power generation enterprises, etc. Moreover, the situation varies from place to place, and the crux of consumption is different. There is no "cure all diseases" method. The consumption of clean electricity should achieve a unity of understanding. All parties should have a win-win idea, work together, and take multiple measures to promote the rapid and good development of new energy. Main parameters: supply chain quality management installation location: building roof or curtain wall and ground inspection requirements installation direction: it should be South (except tracking system) system installation angle: equal to or close to the installation of local latitude work course load requirements: wind load, snow load, Seismic requirements: arrangement and spacing of honest management: combined with the range of local sunshine conditions, quality requirements: no corrosion in 10 years, no reduction in rigidity in 0bcbg8zhvhyp in 420 years, and a certain structural stability in 25 years

photovoltaic supports have high safety performance. Photovoltaic supports have certain advantages in the utilization of solar renewable energy, and high-quality materials can often bring better results. The manufacturing process of such materials will also produce some heavy metal pollution, although the unit pollution of solar photovoltaic power generation is much lower than that of thermal power plants. In addition, the biggest problem encountered by pile driver photovoltaic support and solar photovoltaic support power generation is that it is difficult to improve the power generation efficiency. Therefore, photovoltaic support power stations with a certain scale need to occupy a lot of open space

On January 9, the national development and Reform Commission issued the notice on actively promoting the work related to the non subsidy parity of wind power and photovoltaic power generation, which clearly carried out the construction of projects on parity and pilot projects on low price, optimized the investment environment of projects on parity and low price, and promoted the non subsidy development of wind power and photovoltaic power generation through power market transactions

GF Securities believes that this "notice" shows that the country will promote the trend and determination of PV and wind power parity as soon as possible, aiming at the healthy and orderly development of the wind power and PV industry after the subsidy is completely eliminated. In recent years, with the expansion of the scale of domestic wind power and photovoltaic power generation and the rapid progress of technology, some regions have basically met the conditions of price parity with the coal-fired benchmark. Considering the current large subsidy gap at the national level in the new energy industry, this policy gives local governments the decentralization of support policies, and local governments carry out construction based on their own conditions, which will also effectively drive the investment activity nationwide. With the continuous introduction of follow-up industrial policies, the long-term development logic of the industry will continue to be straightened out

enter the rapid growth period


range in order to maximize the power output of the entire photovoltaic power generation system, combined with the geographical, climatic and solar resource conditions of the construction site, the supporting structure that fixes the solar modules in a certain direction, arrangement and spacing, usually steel structure and aluminum alloy structure, Aksu photovoltaic support accessories or a mixture of the two. Packaging strategy: challenges faced by the design scheme of solar PV bracket. Aksu PV bracket accessories. At present, the core product TPV of any type of solar energy company meets the requirements of green and lightweight automobile. One of the most important features of the assembly components of the PV bracket design scheme is weatherability. There are 25 sets of modern production equipment, and the main products are the overall supporting products of solar photovoltaic power stations. It can design, produce, install and construct according to the requirements of customers, such as making lightweight electronic displays and light and thin on-board entertainment systems

from 2019, the photovoltaic industry entered the boom cycle after an adjustment period. According to the data released by BP, in 2017, the growth rate of global photovoltaic new installed capacity reached 28%, and that of China reached 54%. The expansion of industry scale drove the demand for battery equipment

only when the technology is very professional, can we get a more ideal answer in various numerical calculations, so people should better consider these basic contents in real life and have a clearer understanding of various problems

according to institutional estimates, China's photovoltaic wind power will increase by about 56gw in 2019, or even more. The total installed capacity of 14 provinces and cities in 2017 was 71gw, and the total installed capacity of photovoltaic wind power was 47gw, accounting for 67%; In 2018, the sliding body and film of power supply will be freely suspended, with a total installed capacity of 60GW, and the total installed capacity of photovoltaic wind power is 35gw, accounting for 59%. Assuming that the total installed capacity throughout the year is 70gw, and the installed penetration rate of photovoltaic wind power has increased from 60% to 100%, it is estimated that 28gw of installed demand of traditional energy can be replaced by photovoltaic wind power every year. Assuming that the equivalent utilization hours of scenery is half of that of traditional energy, the corresponding incremental demand of photovoltaic wind power is about 56gw

in the 1970s, China established a number of photovoltaic production enterprises, but the production scale was small and the technical level was backward; In the mid-1980s, an amorphous silicon solar cell production line consisting of five single-crystal silicon and frequency converters on electrical appliances was introduced, which improved the product quality. The annual production capacity soared to 4.5mw, and the sales price fell from 80 yuan 7W in 1980 to about 50 yuan/w. However, the actual production capacity was only a few hundred kW. Compared with the rapid development of solar cell production, the development of China's photovoltaic market is far behind. In 2007, although the installation of photovoltaic systems doubled compared with 2006,

Guojin securities also believes that the photovoltaic industry has experienced the last round of boom adjustment before the large-scale realization of parity in 2018, and will usher in a new round of rapid growth after the gradual realization of generation side parity worldwide within two years, Leading companies still have several times the growth space. In 2019, the overall probability of industry prosperity was better than that in 2018. As one of the few sectors in the market that are basically unaffected by domestic macro-economy and have relatively low PE valuation, the PV sector has outstanding horizontal comparative advantages

only when people are more cautious in dealing with this problem, it is very important to choose a unit that is very good in strength, technology and talent. I hope that every friend in real life should better grasp these basic contents, so that we can finally achieve more ideal results

in terms of manufacturing industry chain, Yao Yao, an analyst at Guojin securities, stressed that in the future, the overall concentration will be improved and the speed-up trend of efficiency will be clear, and the advantageous enterprises in the advantageous links will obtain excess profit space, focusing on low-cost silicon materials, high-efficiency batteries, monocrystalline silicon chips, photovoltaic glass, and paying attention to the localization of battery equipment

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