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The "supply side" reform has achieved remarkable results. China National Heavy Duty Truck (HTC) has gone against the trend

the "supply side" reform has achieved remarkable results. China National Heavy Duty Truck (HTC) has gone against the trend

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in the past five years, different from the development trend of passenger cars, the production and sales of commercial vehicles have experienced a major test. Since the peak of sales in 2010, the heavy truck market has been in a "downturn" situation for the next five years, and even entered the "cold winter", which did not recover until 2016

during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the heavy truck sector rose by 7.4% on the whole by virtue of technological innovation and the "the Belt and Road" initiative. Under the "adversity" of heavy truck market growth, it is not easy to achieve such a result

"the first is the pull of the national consumption policy, and the second is that we carry out the transformation of intelligent vehicles in accordance with the requirements of the 'supply side' reform, so as to better meet the market demand through upgrading." In the view of Ma Chunji, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of SINOTRUK group, this is the key to maintain a good momentum of development

dual track pull

in 2017, China heavy truck ushered in explosive growth. The sales announcement issued by China National Heavy Duty Truck on October 11 showed that its cumulative sales from January to September were 101561 vehicles, an increase of 86.33% year-on-year. In this regard, Zhang Fan, deputy general manager of the Sales Department of SINOTRUK commercial vehicles, said that the issuance of the new gb1589 policy for the management of transport vehicles has warmed up the demand for heavy trucks, and the macroeconomic recovery has also increased the demand for heavy trucks. The favorable policies and economic stabilization have intensified the cyclical fluctuations of heavy trucks, making the development of the heavy truck market particularly strong in 2017

some experts pointed out that the heavy truck market has always been the barometer of the national economy and the direction indicator of policies and regulations. As a means of production and labor tool, heavy trucks are affected by the macro environment and market situation. In the past six years, under the influence of adverse factors such as weak economic recovery, the annual sales of heavy trucks from 2011 to 2016 were 880000, 640000, 770000, 740000, 550000 and 730000 respectively. In 2015, the annual sales (550000) was almost half of that in 2010

however, in this adversity, China National Heavy Duty Truck (HTC) still maintained its leading position by introducing a dual track pull through export

the transformed Mann technology products have increasingly become the core of China National Heavy Duty Truck, which plays a supporting role in the overall data. "The alignment of man's technical products requires the use of a level bar to continuously increase the quantity, which has greatly changed the product structure of China National Heavy Duty Truck. The sales volume of man's technical products began to rise, which greatly slowed down the decline of the overall sales volume of China National Heavy Duty Truck." Caidong, general manager of SINOTRUK, said frankly

at the same time, the overseas market, as the advantageous field of China National Heavy Duty Truck, continues to contribute to the sales volume of China National Heavy Duty Truck. According to the data released by SINOTRUK, in 2016, sinotruk exported 25000 heavy truck vehicles, accounting for 40% of the total exports of the national heavy truck industry, firmly ranking first in the exports of domestic heavy truck enterprises for 12 consecutive years

nowadays, China's logistics and transportation market is developing and changing, and logistics enterprises are upgrading and transforming. Dai Dingyi, vice president of China Federation of logistics and purchasing, mentioned on several occasions that the demand for transportation vehicles in China's logistics industry is changing, and transportation vehicles are becoming high-end. With the promotion of national economic transformation, more and more logistics enterprises are inclined to use high-end heavy trucks, which also brings new opportunities to China heavy truck

innovation and transformation

the dust-proof experimental equipment of HOWO brand, a medium and high-end domestic model developed by sinotruk based on Mann technology, is mainly liquid level transmission, which has a leading advantage in the domestic heavy truck market. HOWO series models were launched successively three years ago, and the proportion of sales is gradually increasing; Benefiting from stricter domestic emission and safety regulations and increasingly obvious consumption upgrading, HOWO system models, which are positioned as medium and high-end heavy trucks, have very optimistic growth prospects in the future

it is understood that the cooperation project between sinotruk and Manchester United Automobile Co., Ltd. made breakthrough progress in 2012, and successively built Manchester United Automobile Engine production line, axle production line, cab production line and vehicle assembly line. From 2013 to 2014, the T-series heavy truck of man platform and the high-end domestic model of man TGA, shandeka brand, also entered the market, making sinotruk a solid step in quality improvement and in line with international standards

it is reported that at present, China National Heavy duty truck has 3742 patents, including more than 240 invention patents. Sinotruk generation I smart heavy truck was officially launched in September 2016. Sinotruk has participated in 7 new energy national, provincial and ministerial level and national defense projects, won 2 National Science and technology progress awards, and has applied for 76 patents in the field of new energy vehicle technology. Among them, there are 13 invention patents, 59 utility model patents and 4 appearance patents, and the new kinetic energy vehicle is under test. Ma Chunji said, "we have gone from imitation to catch-up, and now we have reached the international level."

at the 2017 Shanghai International Auto Show, China National Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. showed the c7h6x smart truck. Taking landmark laboratory's acceptance of the request inspection of Northwest plastic woven bag factory as an example, 4. According to reports, this is China's first smart truck. The humanized safety assurance and body stability control system can realize the direction control and anti rollover control of the whole vehicle under dangerous working conditions, improve the safety and stability of the vehicle, and help the driver calmly deal with various complex road conditions

man technology plus intelligence has become a new advantage in China's heavy truck market competition

forge ahead

at the beginning of the "12th Five Year Plan", China National Heavy Truck Corporation Limited, in combination with its own actual situation, increased its own industrial structure and product structure adjustment from the supply side, and made the strategic deployment of the "Second Entrepreneurship" project: Aiming at international goals, optimizing product structure, optimizing production and operation mode, and comprehensively improving quality level

in the blueprint drawn by Ma Chunji, internationalization has always been the development focus of China National Heavy Duty Truck. As of 2016, the international market has accounted for 1/3 of China's heavy truck production and marketing structure. Ma Chunji said, "in the future, it will be more than 1/2, or even more."

in order to find new benefit growth points, relying on technological innovation, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group focuses on improving the supply quality of high-end manufacturing industry and opening up new markets. Its products have also been transformed from engineering vehicles to engineering vehicles, road vehicles and special vehicles for balanced development. Under the strong drive of man's technical products, in the face of the adverse situation of the weakening of the overall demand of the whole industry, especially the sharp decline of dump trucks, China National Heavy Duty Truck Engineering Co., Ltd. basically maintained its comparative advantage, tractors rose against the trend, and new achievements were made in the optimization and adjustment of product structure

the innovation of SINOTRUK is not only reflected in product research and development, but also in marketing, service mode, system, mechanism and management method. In particular, compared with "industry 4.0" and "made in China 2025", we should use "Internet +" and intelligent manufacturing technology to build intelligent quality control production lines supported by informatization and digitalization, achieve new progress in product intelligence and process intelligence, significantly improve production efficiency and product quality, and promote the overall level of the enterprise with technological progress

sinotruk has also significantly improved its equipment supply capacity, quality control management system and other standardized links. According to the insiders of SINOTRUK, in the cooperation with Mann, sinotruk not only learned the technology, experimental methods, manufacturing process and other contents, but also learned the standard system that Mann cited to realize the coordinated promotion of multiple links such as synchronous design of materials and end products, system verification, batch utilization and supply

at present, sinotruk has realized the networking of quality information and the intellectualization and automation of quality control in the production process. In the domestic heavy truck industry, it took the lead in applying bar code technology to heavy truck products, improved the level of product quality information management, and brought the after-sales traceability management of products to a new level

Ma Chunji pointed out that it was this important decision that made sinotruk change from "speedometer model" to "quality benefit model", and also gave the enterprise a new opportunity for development

it is reported that 2017 is the "year of implementation of innovation and upgrading measures" of China heavy duty truck. In terms of domestic economy, entering the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, it is expected that there will still be an increase in road transport vehicles in 2017, the market for urban special vehicles has a broad prospect, and the engineering vehicle market is expected to rise. China heavy truck will conscientiously implement the spirit of the central economic work conference, continue to implement the "innovation and upgrading action plan", create new advantages in enterprise development, promote new breakthroughs in enterprise reform, and strive to sell more than 220000 complete vehicles, with the growth rate of various main indicators "guaranteed for eight and ten"

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