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Supply warning tape

supply warning tape

[product introduction of warning tape]

warning tape

model: warning sealing tape base material: OPP

scope of application: wide thickness: 0.13 (mm)

brand: Hequan processing customization: Yes

Color: white, yellow, blue, beige, red, transparent A variety of options

[detailed inquiry of warning tape]

Shanghai Hequan Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. is located in baizhuxing Industrial Park, Dongjing Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, with convenient transportation. Since its establishment in 2007, after continuous efforts, exploration and innovation, its output value rose steadily in 2010 and occupied a certain market position in the whole packaging field. With the increasing market competition, the development of the company will also present a diversified pattern in the future, which will also enable the company to occupy market activity in the packaging industry and promote people's economic and cultural life to be more colorful. The company's main products are: warning tape; Printing tape; scotch tape; Double sided tape; Masking tape; Kraft paper tape; Warning tape; Foam tape. There is dirt in the oil cylinder

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