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On October 18, the international energy reform forum jointly hosted by the national energy administration, the Jiangsu provincial government and the International Renewable Energy Agency will be held in Suzhou. The forum has been held twice in Suzhou. The innovative practice of Jiangsu's energy reform is receiving high attention at home and abroad

in the past three years, Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd. has made great efforts to promote energy reform from both sides of energy supply and consumption, and worked with Suzhou municipal government to create a model city for energy reform and development, helping Jiangsu achieve high-quality development

the installed capacity of new energy accounts for more than 18% of the total installed capacity.

inside and outside Yanmen pass, Shanxi, rows of exhaust fans "dance vigorously" in the wind; On the land of northern Shanxi, coal-fired generators roared in pit mouth power plants. The power generated by these fans and coal generators was instantly sent to Jiangsu more than a thousand kilometers away through the ± 800 kV Yanhuai UHV DC transmission project

this is another UHVDC project with high transmission efficiency built before the peak of power consumption in the summer of 2017, after the ± 800 kV JinSu UHVDC transmission project was officially put into operation at the bottom of the production workshop of Guangya aluminum in 2012. "One AC and three DC" UHV AC/DC hybrid power will continuously send the hydropower of Yalong River in Sichuan, the coal power of Huaihe River and Huaihe River in Anhui, and the "wind, light and fire" of Ximeng energy base in northern Shanxi and Inner Mongolia to Jiangsu

according to statistics, the external electricity in Jiangsu in 2017 increased by 23.34 billion kwh over 2015, an increase of more than 1/3, accounting for 15.9% of the total electricity consumption in the whole society. In the first nine months of this year, the external electricity in the district has reached 81 billion kwh, accounting for 17.5%

"the rigid demand for electric energy in Jiangsu's economic and social development is increasing. We must base ourselves on Jiangsu's energy strategic layout, optimize the energy structure, increase the introduction of external electricity and the development and utilization of clean energy, and enhance the supply capacity of energy formlabs to launch two new dental 3D printing resin materials." Yin Jijun, chairman and party secretary of Jiangsu electric power, said

at present, the company has accelerated the planning and construction of the Baihetan Hydropower Project at the junction of Yunnan and Sichuan. After completion, it will improve the external power capacity of Jiangsu region. 80 it has overcome the difficulty that the old digital tube display is prone to failure. 0 million KW, and the annual power transmission reaches 40 billion kwh, further improving the proportion of clean energy entering Jiangsu

while vigorously promoting the import of foreign electricity into Jiangsu, Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd. has made every effort to serve the large-scale development and utilization of clean energy in the province

on September 30, the 500000 kW phase I project of Sihong photovoltaic power generation application leading base was put into operation, becoming the first project in the third batch of 10 photovoltaic power generation application leading bases in China. Jiangsu electric power invested 750million yuan to complete the reconstruction and expansion of five 220 kV substations and the construction of supporting transmission projects

in order to ensure the full consumption of new energy power generation, Jiangsu electric power has advanced the planning and construction of a number of large-scale confluence stations with new energy and power supply functions, built a 500 kV coastal channel in Northern Jiangsu, built a strong smart power, developed and applied the country's first new energy power generation data center, and actively optimized the power operation mode

statistics show that the installed capacity of new energy in the province has increased from 9.45 million kW in 2015 to 21.94 million KW at the end of September this year, accounting for 18.2% of the total installed capacity in the province. Among them, the offshore wind power capacity reached 2.25 million KW, accounting for nearly 70% of the country

The rapid development of new energy power generation has stimulated the agglomeration and development of new energy industry. Yancheng wind power industry achieved a sales revenue of 8.62 billion yuan in the first half of the year, with a year-on-year increase of 27.4%

Jiangsu has become the province with the largest scale of electric energy substitution

in our province, more and more landing ships bid farewell to diesel self generation. "In high-temperature weather, when ships dock for maintenance and replenishment, they need to burn one or two hundred yuan of diesel oil for 10 hours of power generation every day. It only costs more than ten yuan to use electricity 24 hours after receiving shore power, and there will be no pollution." Duanyuchun, an Anhui boatman who sends steel and stone materials to Danyang, Changzhou and other places all year round, said

Jiangsu is a major shipping province. Jiangsu electric power took the initiative to coordinate and communicate with the Provincial Department of transportation and other departments, and took a series of measures to help the construction, promotion and application of port shore power. Taking the lead in realizing the full coverage of "river, river, lake and sea" of shore power system in China, 4531 sets of various shore power systems have been built in total

Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd. has also made great efforts to promote the "land power boarding", realizing the full coverage of 8 airports in the province, and 61 of the 76 corridor bridge stands have been installed with bridge power equipment; Actively participated in the construction of 595 electric vehicle charging and replacement power stations and 7332 charging piles, and led the province to build more than 40000 charging facilities

"electric energy is a clean and efficient secondary energy, and re electrification is the fundamental path to build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system." Yin Jijun said

this year, the company comprehensively promoted rural re electrification, and newly promoted 448 sets of various electric drying equipment in the agricultural field; In Taizhou, we have promoted the conclusion of cooperation agreements with eight well-known tourist attractions in the province to build fully electrified tourist attractions, and have completed the full electrification construction of 4A scenic spots such as qianduo cauliflower...

since 2016, Jiangsu electric power has promoted the province to achieve a total of 37.09 billion kwh of replacement electricity, achieving emission reductions of about 173000 tons of sulfur dioxide, 58000 tons of nitrogen oxide and 25000 tons of smoke and dust respectively. Jiangsu has become the province with the largest scale of power substitution in China

the electrification of energy consumption and the further promotion of energy conservation have brought tangible benefits to Jiangsu. According to the energy consumption and total energy consumption per 10000 yuan GDP of each province from 2015 to 2017 released by the National Bureau of statistics, compared with Shanghai, Zhejiang and Guangdong, Jiangsu has the largest decrease in energy consumption and the smallest increase in total energy consumption. In the past three years, the power consumption of 10000 yuan GDP in the province has decreased year by year, but the power consumption of the whole society has increased year by year

Suzhou sample demonstration energy transformation and development

on October 11, Suzhou tonglihu Jiayuan was jointly certified by the science and technology and industrialization development center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the German Energy Agency as the first "high energy efficiency building passive low energy consumption building demonstration project". Under the condition of maintaining constant temperature and humidity, the project can improve energy efficiency by 40%, which not only achieves the goal of "zero energy consumption" in buildings, but also can send a small amount of surplus electricity into electricity every year

this is a case of Jiangsu electric power and Suzhou Municipal Government jointly promoting energy reform and development

Suzhou is relatively short of energy resources, and Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd. has made great efforts to promote the construction of large receiving terminal in Suzhou. The maximum capacity of jinsute HVDC project in Suzhou alone reached 6.7 million KW, exceeding 1/4 of the maximum load of Suzhou power dispatching this summer

"energy reform should ultimately be reflected in reducing energy consumption, and electricity is the core area." Huang Yue, director of the electric power department of Suzhou Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, said that as early as 2009, Suzhou took the lead in creating the "energy efficiency star" activity. In 2016, it began to establish a big data platform for the intensive use of resources by industrial enterprises and a comprehensive evaluation system for industrial enterprises, forcing them to save and use resources

since 2015, Suzhou power supply company has promoted 309 energy-saving and emission reduction projects in the city, saving 3.03 billion kwh of electricity and reducing standard coal consumption by 1.06 million tons

after the first "international energy reform forum" was held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd. stepped up its efforts to promote a series of projects to accelerate the implementation of energy reform in Suzhou: put into operation the first large-scale source load friendly interactive system in China, build a 500 kV unified power flow controller (UPFC) project in southern Suzhou, connect the world's first UHV River Crossing Tunnel - Sutong Gil comprehensive pipe gallery project tunnel, and build an all electric block demonstration area in Tongli ancient town, Put into operation the country's largest active power distribution comprehensive demonstration zone in Suzhou Industrial Park...

the sample benefits of Suzhou's energy reform and development are emerging. In 2017, the growth rate of added value of industries above Designated Size in Suzhou was 6.7%, and the corresponding total energy consumption increased by only 0.26%; In 2016, the growth rate of added value of industries above designated size was 4.8%, and the corresponding total energy consumption increased by 3.2%

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