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Support industrial PLC device connection, dandelion 4G industrial router R300 new upgrade

as a leading intelligent group service provider in China, dandelion technology has recently upgraded its star hardware device R300 4G industrial router iteratively. Unlike the old R300, the new R300 removes the USB interface and adds two rs232/385 serial ports without changing the original IP30 protection, industrial hardware shell, all-in-one 4G and other functions, It supports the interconnection with industrial PLC equipment, but the price remains unchanged, and the overall assignment is higher, which is more suitable for the complex and changeable industrial control environment

dandelion smart group has been committed to providing individuals and enterprises with overall solutions for smart groups. By comprehensively covering common access methods such as interconnection, special line and wireless network, it helps users quickly deploy and introduce multi line BGP network export broadband, so as to greatly improve the quality of network connection and realize the interconnection of equipment and information between regions without public IP. This upgrade complements the functional weakness of R300 router in the field of industrial control, and further suits the hardware design in the field of industrial control

add rs232/485 serial port to support remote operation and maintenance of PLC equipment

in the industrial control industry, some old PLC devices use serial port to transmit data. Manufacturers can only realize the conversion between serial port data and tcp/ip data through serial port server to collect data. The new R300 comes with rs232/485 serial port, which is compatible with most PLC industrial equipment. It can directly collect the data of PLC industrial equipment according to the market trend of food processing industry. It does not need intermediate equipment and effectively reduces the network deployment cost

in addition, with the help of dandelion R300 serial port to connect PLC equipment and carry out intelligent group, accessing virtual serial port through dandelion client can finally realize remote control, data transmission and other functions. In fact, the decline in large imports does not mean that the decline in the utilization rate of foreign equipment improves the operation and maintenance efficiency of industrial equipment

cpe connection to reduce deployment costs

the newly upgraded R300 still adopts three methods of 4G connection, wired access and wireless relay, of which 4G is all-through 2g/3g/4g and 7-mode 9-band; Wired access includes broadband dial-up, static IP and dynamic IP; The wireless relay can connect the nearby WiFi access. These three modes can be seamlessly switched. When the device cannot be detected, it will switch to the other mode, significantly providing higher network availability

industrial quality design, to cope with harsh outdoor environment

in order to meet the needs of outdoor industry, R300 adopts lightning protection port, 5~36v wide voltage input, anti surge, anti-static we universal data testing machine, equipped with a set of collets with different shapes and sizes, to cope with harsh environment; The working temperature is -20~70 ℃, and the working humidity is 10%-90%rh. It is equipped with a sheet metal shell to ensure no worry in the high temperature and humidity environment

the new R300 industrial router supports ARP binding, ACL access control, Ping and DOS attacks. At the same time, it upgrades the hardware encryption chip and uses government enterprise/bank level encryption transmission. It has fast computing speed, low resource consumption and high security

sd-wan intelligent group, supporting remote management devices

with the blessing of sd-wan intelligent group, the new dandelion R300 can be quickly grouped in the environment without public IP, serving the industrial control environment in various complex network environments. In addition, thanks to the existence of the cloud management platform, industrial operation and maintenance personnel can remotely manage R300 equipment without going to the construction site when using dandelion R300, know the working conditions of the equipment, troubleshoot faults in time, and improve operation and maintenance efficiency

as a router serving the industrial control industry, the newly upgraded R300 is undoubtedly the gospel of manufacturers in the industrial field. It further enriches the functionality, aligns with the industry benchmark in configuration, and is more cost-effective as a whole. It is one of the ideal tools for realizing the remote transmission, maintenance, and detection of data in the industrial field

multi layer architectural coating GB 9779 (8)

about dandelion intelligent group

dandelion is a remote group software independently developed by Beirui technology, which can quickly form a network through dandelion, replace the traditional network, realize interconnection in a simple way, and manage and access important information and data such as private cloud, OA system and file server anywhere at any time

dandelion software client is compatible with windows, MAC, Linux (including raspberry pie), Android and IOS systems at the same time, so it can easily cope with various needs and scenarios

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