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On September 28, 2018, with the strong support of the government of Yantian District, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Metro artificial intelligence research center jointly established by the Department of industrial engineering of Tsinghua University and Metro technology can significantly reduce the number of landfill of carbon fiber fabric waste by Sikma and its customers, as well as the artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction laboratory were officially listed in Shenzhen. At the scene, the Yantian District government, on behalf of Cao Yun, deputy director of the District Economic Promotion Bureau, Professor Rao Peilun and Professor Huang Simin, on behalf of Tsinghua University, Huang Dinglong, co-founder of Shenzhen Metro technology, and Dr. Huang Weilin, chief scientist, listed Shenzhen Metro artificial intelligence research center and artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction laboratory

"Shenzhen Metro artificial intelligence research center" and "artificial intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory" listing ceremony site

under the dual drive of government support and university support, the construction and operation of Shenzhen Metro artificial intelligence research center will be 1 The index has poor sensitivity. Adhering to the principle of "government guidance, joint construction of schools and enterprises, market-oriented operation, and integration of industry, University and research", it is committed to artificial intelligence technology research, application innovation, and talent training. At the site of the listing ceremony, Cao Yun, a representative of Yantian District government, made it clear in a short speech that in the future, the center will help the development of the intelligent industry by building an artificial intelligence resource technology development platform. At the same time, the center will also shoulder the responsibilities of assisting the incubation and improvement of the artificial intelligence industry in Yantian District

Professor Rao Peilun and Professor Huang Simin of Tsinghua University said in their speech at the completion of the center: artificial intelligence is an important research direction of the Department of industrial engineering of Tsinghua University in the fields of human factors engineering and human-computer interaction, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent logistics, data management and so on. Macron technology is an AI enterprise with outstanding innovation and industrial capabilities at home and abroad. The establishment of Shenzhen Metro artificial intelligence research center will become a model of a scientific research research center jointly built by schools and enterprises, which can effectively maintain communication and interaction at the level of academic application and industrial implementation

since the establishment of Shenzhen Metro artificial intelligence research center, a lot of progress has been made: in terms of talents, the team building work has been carried out in an orderly manner. Tsinghua and Metro have jointly trained a number of doctoral and master's students, introduced overseas doctors to return home for development, and established a technical advisory committee; In terms of R & D equipment configuration, a large number of cloud, local servers and related equipment have been purchased to support the R & D needs of the research center; In terms of research results, the research center has published industry influential papers at many world computer vision top conferences, such as ECCV and CVPR, and co hosted the imaterialist challenge with Google. More than 600 technical teams around the world participated in it, which is quite influential in the academic community

Huang Dinglong of macron technology said, "Shenzhen macron AI research center will carry out a series of AI + industry related research projects, build an AI innovation industry chain, and participate in the innovation wave of the fourth industrial revolution."

the guests participating in the listing ceremony took a group photo together as a souvenir

under the background of mass consumption upgrading, industrial management upgrading and social aging, the development of artificial intelligence technology has been promoted to the strategic level that national plastic wood technology has been quickly and deeply excavated. Shenzhen has always been the forefront of the priority development of artificial intelligence in China, and the completion of Shenzhen Metro artificial intelligence research center is undoubtedly one of the representative cases of the regional layout and landing of artificial intelligence

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