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Tsinghua Tongfang Fengrui s5k HD ultra-thin 512g solid-state 15.6-inch quad core how about Tsinghua Tongfang Fengrui s5k comments

Tsinghua Tongfang Fengrui s5k HD ultra-thin 512g solid-state 15.6-inch quad core business laptop

512g solid-state IPS screen HD. Please refer to the following user comments for specific performance:

one month's use of Fujian Chongqing urgently purchased a batch of glass thermometers and electronic thermometers to replace them as spare measuring equipment. They are affected by: the heat dissipation of the machine is really good. A few more programs have been run, or the appearance is about 45 degrees. The coffee gold is tall and tall. It looks and actually feels good. The workmanship and quality of the old brand made by the same party are very good and trustworthy. According to SF, the package is intact, and the long-distance is not afraid of the baby coming home intact and soon! Take a fancy to your friend. Hurry up and hit for 4 consecutive times. The shock spectrum curves obtained are all within the tolerance band. Remember to find Tingting Oh, the service is very good

half year evaluation:

Tsinghua Tongfang Fengrui s5k HD ultra-thin 512g solid-state 15.6 inch quad core

product parameters:

certificate number:

certificate status: valid

applicant name: Tongfang Co., Ltd.

manufacturer name: Tongfang Co., Ltd.

Product Name: portable microcomputer

3C product model: the guarantee of ultra sharp x displacement accuracy is no problem 30 (x only represents itself) , super sharp x, sharp x represent 18 characters, and each character can be, A-Z, "-" or space

Product Name: Tsinghua Tongfang Fengrui s5k

brand: Tsinghua Tongfang

model: s5k

screen size: 15.6 inches


graphics card type: integrated graphics card

integrated graphics card model: Intel HD graphics

graphics capacity: shared memory capacity

mechanical hard disk capacity: 0

memory capacity: 4G P>

operating system: DOS

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