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News on September 3, 2012: Shandong Airlines Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shandong Airlines Co., Ltd.) sales service center was established in June 2002. It is a comprehensive aviation call service platform integrating service and sales. Since its official launch, the center has been adhering to the enterprise spirit of forge ahead, the pursuit of excellence, and the business philosophy of safety first, service first, and integrity-based. With the support of all sectors of society, it has continued to grow. The secondary line expansion was carried out in August 2006 and November 2008 respectively. Up to now, the seating capacity has been expanded from dozens to hundreds. In May, 2008, 96777 call center was officially renamed as Shanhang sales service center, and a national unified call number was launched. In addition, the operation of Shanhang B2C station and the follow-up services of the client are included in the security system of the sales service center. In the past ten years, Shanhang 96777 sales service center has developed into the largest and most functional aviation sales service call center in Shandong

figure: Shan hang 96777 sales service center

pursues continuous

ten years of experience accumulation and skill sinking due to pragmatism. Its position is usually at the discontinuity of data or the shortcomings of data, which makes the management system of Shan hang 96777 sales service center tend to be perfect. In the face of severe and fierce market competition, Shanhang 96777's sincere, sincere and sincere service trilogy has always placed itself in the advanced ranks of many brands. Their core spirit of wholeheartedly serving the society and contributing to the public has won the unanimous recognition of the society and become the preferred institution to escort passengers. In 2006, she was awarded the title of the annual civil aviation system female employee demonstration post for meritorious service; In 2008, 96777 cooperated with Shandong Red Cross Society to become the disaster relief special line of the provincial Red Cross Society. In the same year, two employees of 96777 won the outstanding contribution award for earthquake relief; In 2009, he won the outstanding contribution award of e-commerce and the excellent e-commerce station of Shandong Province; In 2010, she won the title of model post for female workers in Shandong Province; In the hearts of Shanhang people, they won the Shandong Youth Civilization in 2009 and 2012. The honor is not only an achievement, but also an affirmation. They worked silently at their posts from beginning to end. With the perfect service system of 24-hour question and answer and the customer-oriented service attitude, they proved that the income of honor is well deserved

the ultimate service makes the journey more pleasant

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, according to the changes of market conditions and in combination with its own development requirements, Shandong Airlines has formulated three strategic goals of leaping from medium-sized airlines to large airlines, from regional airlines to national airlines, and from the traditional business model to the modern measurement and control precision high-generation business model. According to Li Juntao, deputy manager of Shanhang 96777 call center, in order to ensure the implementation of the company's strategic objectives, the call center, as the core means of the e-commerce model, is customer-oriented, and comprehensively improves the service and operation level by adjusting the organizational structure, optimizing the management process, improving service awareness, improving customer experience and other means, so as to shape the core competitiveness of the brand

in order to meet the changing needs of the market and give back the support and love of our friends to Shanhang, Shanhang 96777 sales service center has always put honest and humanized convenient services in the first place in combination with the needs of passengers. The company has developed a series of service products, such as flying holidays, flying travel, flying customization, flying life, etc

the preset number of shuttle vacation series meets the needs of vacation travel, leisure travel, etc.

1 "paid vacation free travel

on the basis of providing passengers with air tickets and traditional free travel of the hotel for leisure and vacation, this product adds detailed and characteristic services such as pick-up and drop off machines, whole sightseeing pick-up and drop off, one-day tour, etc. The product features free travel, free personal space, and a complete farewell to the troubles of the group. At present, it has launched five routes covering Guilin, Jiuzhai Huanglong, Hangzhou, Xiamen, and Sanya

2 "I love weekend series weekend leisure products

I love weekend series is a leisure product launched by Shandong Airlines for weekend time. At present, the sales route is from Jinan, Qingdao and Yantai to Beijing, Shanghai and surrounding areas. The specific implementation method is to package weekend morning and evening flights and destination hotels

Feixiang travel series is aimed at the traveling passengers to promote the colorful products


colorful products are economic products in Feixiang travel series. Passengers can enjoy a discount of 5% of the y-class fare for flights carried by Shandong Airlines and with SC codes through the sales service center and the ticket office directly under it

2 "value-added first-class products

Shanhang value-added first-class products are high-end travel products that integrate economy, comfort and dignity. When purchasing the actual flight tickets of Shanhang airlines, customers only need to pay the price of economy class to experience the whole high-end service of first class when the premium first-class product class is open! Let everyone feel comfortable throughout the whole journey, noble and at ease

3 "flight card products

Shandong Airlines launched flight card products for travelers. Passengers who buy tickets for themselves and their companions through the mountain terminal with their flight cards can enjoy the discount of another 20 yuan per person per flight segment for other classes except t/j/e/r special class

Feixiang has developed a series of products such as annual ticket of Shanhang airlines, monthly pass in the province, and campus flyers, which are specially launched for special identity groups and regional characteristics.

1 "annual ticket product of Shanhang Airlines

annual ticket of Shanhang Airlines is an aviation consumption stored value product with a fixed face value sold by Shanhang airlines. Shan hang annual ticket is sold in real name, which can be recharged and reported as lost. The face value includes 2000 yuan and 3000 yuan, which can be purchased in groups. Using the annual ticket of Shanhang airlines, you can consume the tickets and series of products of Shanhang airlines. It is flexible to use and has a high degree of freedom of consumption. Passengers can buy it through the sales service center of Shanhang airlines and the ticket office directly under Shanhang airlines

2 "Shan hang monthly ticket product

Shan hang monthly ticket is a through ticket launched for flights within Shandong Province and designated inter provincial flights. Passengers with this monthly ticket can take any segment of Shandong flight within 60 days. A single segment is counted as one time, and the total number of trips is not more than 6 (including). The current routes are: Jinan Yantai round trip, Jinan Dalian round trip, Jinan Weihai round trip, Qingdao Jining round trip, and the ticket price is 3200 yuan/card. Cardholders must call Shan hang sales service 96777 to apply for a reservation before 20 o'clock on the day before the scheduled flight takes off

3 "campus Jumpman products

campus Jumpman products are exclusive products launched for student groups in the customized series of Shanhang Feixiang products. Students can use the 24-hour sales service of Shanhang airlines with their student ID card or university admission notice. Students in Shandong can dial 96777 directly and enjoy the exclusive special ticket for students, or enjoy the extra large free baggage allowance of 30kg

4 "linklink products

linklink products are an additional service for connecting passengers of Shandong Airlines. Now, as long as you buy the transfer products of Shandong Airlines and the transfer station is Jinan, as long as the transfer time in Jinan is 4 hours or more, you can get a VIP card worth 88 yuan at the ticket counter of Shandong Airlines in Jinan airport. With this VIP card, you can get a cup of best blue mountain coffee or best guanyinwang worth 88 yuan free from the first floor of Jinan airport to Da Ting Zhuohua cafe, and you can rest free in its business hall

Feixiang life series provides additional value-added products in other fields outside aviation and high-end life.

Feixiang life series products are a series of products launched by Shandong Airlines to make travel more valuable after Feixiang holiday, Feixiang travel and Feixiang customized products. With the theme of better life through travel, Feixiang life series products provide passengers with added value of high-end life in other fields except aviation. The value-added products we provide can be integrated into all areas of customers' lives, thus making their daily life more convenient and richer

choosing Shanhang is choosing commitment

with the increasing competition in the aviation market, Shanhang focuses on strengthening the concept, optimizing the mechanism and improving the brand. On the basis of strengthening the innovation of marketing products and channels, it pays more attention to the influence of corporate culture and brand, and brand loyalty directly determines the attention of customers. Shanhang people always regard brand as life, take customer demand as guidance, and wholehearted service spirit is deeply favored by customers. In the past, most customers' booking method was generally to find an air ticket agency, which not only cost a lot of valuable time, but also worse, sometimes rush to the agency location, and may not be able to book a suitable ticket. Moreover, although the agents have displayed the sign of special price, the statistical fee of the agency included in it is wool, and the price is really not as favorable as calling 96777 directly. If there is an emergency and special situation on the flight and changes are needed, the airline will notify the agent as soon as possible, and will the agent notify the customer as soon as possible? This is also a key point. Nowadays, using chopsticks is as handy as using chopsticks, and people's business mode has undergone a revolutionary change. Why not save money, effort and time to solve problems in minutes

in the professional team of Shandong Airlines 96777, each employee makes the service object impeccable with enthusiasm for work and a positive and responsible attitude. They are soldiers who fight behind the scenes and escort passengers. They are tips for serving passengers and giving warm tips. They are warriors who work wholeheartedly and day and night. They believe that Shanhang is wise. Choosing Shanhang is to choose safety, brand, reputation and guarantee

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