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Trump strongly called for the manufacturing industry to return home: these enterprises were named

president elect trump, who vowed to bring manufacturing back to the United States, recently targeted the American auto manufacturing giant

on January 3 local time, trump sent a message on social media twitter threatening General Motors (GM): either move the Chevrolet Cruz from Mexico to the United States, or wait for the high border transaction tax

this is not the first time that the US automobile manufacturing industry has faced Trump's bombardment. During the election campaign for president of the United States, trump, who was also the Republican presidential candidate at that time, used the banner of manufacturing returning to the United States to shout to the local manufacturing industry represented by American automakers, including Ford Motor, and asked them to move their manufacturing bases back to the United States and leave their jobs in the United States

according to the data of the U.S. Department of labor, the employed population of the U.S. manufacturing industry could remain at 17million to 18million before 2000. However, in the 10 years from 2000 to 2010, the number of manufacturing jobs in the United States fell sharply from 17.3 million to 11.5 million. Although the subsequent economic recovery led to the recovery of employment in the U.S. manufacturing industry, adding nearly 800000 jobs, the U.S. manufacturing industry has lost more than 5million jobs in the 16 years since 2000

it is not difficult to understand why blue collar workers living in the rust belt of the United States will stand on the side of trump who advocates moving manufacturing back to the United States during the 2016 election

as for how to move back to the United States, on the one hand, enterprises are encouraged to stay at home by providing tax cuts and other financial incentives; On the other hand, trump punished those enterprises that transferred their factories overseas. This is Trump's two pronged strategy of forcing the U.S. system, that is, △ L ≤ 1.5 manufacturing

who was named

in the face of Trump's accusation, General Motors issued a statement and responded that, in fact, most Cruz models are made in the United States, that is, Lordstown factory in Ohio; The part made in Mexico is mainly for the global market, and only a small amount is sold in the United States. According to the data provided by general motors, in 2016, it sold nearly 190000 Cruze vehicles in the United States, of which 4500, or 2.4% of the total, were made in Mexico. In addition, the data shows that General Motors employs about 100000 employees in the United States and only 15000 employees in Mexico

Trump's so-called high border transaction tax means that 35% of the tax will be levied on those car companies manufactured in Mexico but sold back to the U.S. market. High tariffs clearly mean that American consumers have to pay more. Once the policy is implemented, the advantages of American car companies will be significantly weakened compared with Japanese Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen and other competitors who also set up production lines in Mexico, where labor costs are low

in addition to the latest naming of general motors, Ford, which is also a U.S. auto giant, also faced similar warnings from Trump. Bill Ford, the great grandson of the founder of Ford, said that Trump's accusation was groundless and outrageous. However, Kellyanne conwa, who was then Trump's campaign adviser, "whenever I see a flower growing from a very solid ground (such as a concrete crack), responded to Ford's dissatisfaction with only two words on Twitter: American first (why does the United States cause the pointer of the metal impact tester to shake? First) 。

in addition, trump also criticized apple, a technology giant, for putting the production lines of a series of products such as iPhone, iPad and IMAC abroad. Trump once said that he would let apple produce in the United States, not China. However, Apple's overall contribution to the U.S. economy is obvious to all. In addition to directly employing 80000 people in the United States, the company issued a statement that its products include components manufactured in 69 supplier organizations in 33 states of the United States. At the same time, there are hundreds of thousands of software developers in Silicon Valley. We are helping device manufacturers update and write applications for iPhone and iPad

previously, food giant Yizi also planned to transfer part of its production lines to Mexico. Therefore, trump made a lot of remarks during the election campaign

return in succession

at present, some American manufacturing industries have begun to respond to trump's call and choose to leave their production bases in the United States

on the day trump issued a warning to general motors, Ford's attitude took a big turn. Ford CEO Mark Fields said he would cancel the plan to build a factory in Mexico and instead invest $700million in Michigan to build a new factory to produce electric vehicles. This will contribute 700 jobs to the manufacturing industry in the United States

fields stressed in his statement that the investment in building a factory in Michigan is a confidence in the pro business environment created by President elect trump. More importantly, Ford has not reached any deal with trump. In an interview with US media, he said that the reason for moving back to the United States to build a factory was market demand and had nothing to do with trump himself. On the other hand, after learning about Ford's decision, the Mexican government regretfully said that building a factory in Mexico would not be a vicious competition for the United States

in addition to Ford, United Technologies Corp. has reached an agreement with burns, the vice president elect of trump and the current governor of Indiana, at the end of November last year. Carrier Corp's air conditioning equipment plant in Indianapolis will retain nearly 1000 jobs, reducing the number of jobs the company plans to transfer to Mexico by nearly half. Behind carrier's decision to stay in the United States, the Indiana government has agreed to grant UTC a $7million tax cut over the next 10 years

at the end of December last year, sprint, the fourth largest telecom operator in the United States, said it would bring 5000 jobs back to the United States from other countries, mainly in sales and after-sales service. Marcelo Clare, the CEO of sprint, also urged all parties not to be too suspicious. These 5000 jobs were not in the company's previous plan, but new considerations

at the same time, oneweb, a satellite telecommunications provider, also actively responded to trump's call to hire more than 3000 people in the United States. This small and micro enterprise, which is developing a low orbit, plans to provide cheap broadband services worldwide

as one of the shareholders of sprint and oneweb, son Zhengyi, CEO of Softbank group in Japan, said at a meeting with trump that he would invest $50billion (about 344billion yuan) in the United States to create 50000 jobs in the United States. However, the group has not disclosed the details of its investment

by this calculation, trump has brought back nearly 10000 manufacturing jobs for the United States so far

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