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Is trump making trouble again? This time, extend your hand to China's paper exports

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core tip: the latest news, trump is considering imposing a general 5% tariff on goods imported from the United States. This is not good news for China's paper exports

[packaging in China] according to the latest news, trump is considering imposing a 5% tariff on the highly imported goods recycled by American bubble bags. This is not good news for China's paper exports

according to our machine production, in order to ensure quality, this news was obtained by American cable television (CNN) from multiple channels. The website said that Trump's transition team did not respond to the request for comment at the first time. However, an official of the transition team once said that the team had discussed the border tax adjustment measures considered by kevinbrady, chairman of the waysandmeanscommittee. The measure aims to boost U.S. manufacturing by taxing imported goods

as of press time, the executive order may still be under consideration, and the trump team has not officially announced the specific measures and tax rates

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