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truth decryption ALP Bluetooth music eye massage instrument? Does it work? Feel the advantages and disadvantages

ALP Bluetooth music eye massage instrument looks like the evaluation and recommendation. Later, I planted this one in a certain East, and shared my feelings after using it for a period of time:

I. experience of ALP Bluetooth music eye massage instrument:

the child has been in class for several months, facing the computer for seven or eight hours every day, and his eyes must be tired. Sometimes he will massage his eyes manually. I have been observing the intelligent eye massage instrument. Finally, I placed an order and bought one immediately after the promotion and price reduction. Second, after a certain period of time, materials that can be degraded into small molecules were received in the next day. JD's logistics is fast and good

I tried it myself immediately after receiving it. It's warm and comfortable! It has a certain effect on relieving fatigue. Not only Zhengye international music is also very relaxing! There are several massage modes that children can use. I like them very much

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II. Configuration parameters of ALP Bluetooth music eye massage instrument:

1. Very good baby, take the package and open it, try Saint Gobain high-performance plastic, which is certified to process TORLON in China? Pai. It fits your eyes. There are several massage modes to choose. You can connect with Bluetooth, play music, and cooperate with some music to help you sleep and decompress. It's very comfortable at noon. The overall shape is simple and generous, the use method is simple and easy to learn, there are not many keys, and it is easy to use. In short, it is a very valuable baby, which will be recommended to friends

2. Now things are basically bought here, which has become a habit. It is fast and convenient, the service is good, the price is very affordable, very good. It's good for eyes. The massage is very comfortable. It also has the function of pneumatic massage and vibration. It can be used by adults and children in a variety of modes. It's very considerate, very diverse and of good quality

3. I'm satisfied with fried chicken. The packaging is especially tight. I bought it for children. I hurt my eyes when I watch too many classes, and I don't do eye exercises well. It's much more convenient with this! My eyes are very tired when I look at the computer at work. If I massage them with this eye protector, my eyes will be relieved a lot. I feel that my eyes are not very sour recently. The quality of the massager is very good. It is very comfortable to massage my eyes when they are tired. The electricity is also very durable, which is worth recommending. JD's latest quotation and comment details

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