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"Tsinghua artificial intelligence forum" was successfully held

Lingyun technology news on June 7: on June 6, 2016, Tsinghua artificial intelligence forum showed their best technological innovation ability in Qing chemical manufacturing enterprises, and was successfully held in Huayuan. Academician Zhang cymbal and other authoritative experts in the field of artificial intelligence from Tsinghua University, and Jie Chuqing, such as ruiyong, Wang Xiaochuan, and Zhang Lianyi, please pay attention to the following matters. Representatives of Chinese Alumni gathered in Tsinghua park with people from all walks of life, such as academia, industry, and capital circles. All guests spoke freely, or were farsighted, or objective and pragmatic, and comprehensively introduced the past, present, and future prospects of artificial intelligence to the participants

professor xueqikun, vice president of Tsinghua University, attended the Forum on behalf of Tsinghua University and delivered a passionate speech at the conference. President Xue highly affirmed the forum, supported Tsinghua University and encouraged Tsinghua to make due contributions to the development of artificial intelligence industry in China and even the world, and to national innovation driven development and economic transformation. President Xue's speech excited the participants, especially all Tsinghua people present

Mr. Zhang cymbal, a professor of Tsinghua University, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a famous AI authoritative expert in China, delivered a wonderful keynote speech "opportunities and challenges faced by the AI industry". Academician Zhang's farsighted, simple and humorous speech always made the whole hall burst into laughter. At the end of the speech, the participants thanked academician Zhang for his wonderful speech with long applause

then, Professor Zhang Changshui of the Department of automation of Tsinghua University delivered a keynote speech "image recognition and machine learning". Professor Zhang Changshui described in detail the research results and future development of machine learning in the field of image recognition as the first chlor alkali enterprise in China

Professor Wang Shengjin, Department of electronic engineering, Tsinghua University, described the development of EEG recognition and brain computer interaction technology, as well as the application of brain computer interaction technology in disease diagnosis and treatment, cognitive perception, human-computer interaction and so on

Dr. ruiyong, executive vice president of Microsoft Research Asia, delivered a speech on behalf of the industry, "four trends in artificial intelligence", which comprehensively expounded the development trend of artificial intelligence from four aspects

Wang Xiaochuan, the handsome young CEO of Sogou, started from alphago and talked about the behind the scenes of alphago and his thinking on artificial intelligence

after the speeches of all the guests, Zhang Lianyi, chairman of Jietong Huasheng, had a round table discussion with academician Zhang cymbal, Dr. ruiyong, CEO of Sogou company Wang Xiaochuan, chairman of Deyi tone company Zheng Fang, and Wang Xia of Tsinghua big data industry federation. They further objectively analyzed the future development of China's AI industry from the perspective of industry and from the perspective of smooth types

in nearly five hours, the conference hall, which accommodated nearly 500 people, was fully occupied, and nearly 3000 people watched the live broadcast of the forum at the same time, which attracted widespread attention in the society

the successful holding of the Tsinghua artificial intelligence forum not only won the affirmation of all parties in Tsinghua University, but also won the unanimous praise of people from all walks of life from the academic, industrial, capital and other sectors of society. The participants praised this forum as the most fruitful and informative artificial intelligence forum they have participated in

the details of the forum will be launched in succession. Please pay attention

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