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TSC industrial ether products stand out in the South-to-North Water Transfer Project

the South-to-North Water Transfer Project is a strategic measure to realize the optimal allocation of water resources in China. Limited by geographical location, water resources in the transfer out area and other conditions, the three water transfer lines in the west, middle and East have their own reasonable water supply scope, which cannot be replaced by each other. The east route project is an important part of the overall layout of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project and a strategic project for water resource allocation. It is necessary to coordinate the interests between the water transfer area and the water receiving area, and deal with flood control and disaster reduction and water transfer for profit. However, due to its unique characteristics of low price and large tonnage, as well as the relationship between water transfer and water conservation, pollution control, ecological construction and environmental protection, the situation is very complex and it is a huge systematic project. Therefore, all products used in the project need to be strictly tested and certified before they can be used, so as to truly make the east line project a reassuring project

with its product characteristics of "common faults throughout the day: waiting after sample fracture", and the advantage of long-term stable operation in an industrial environment with very high temperature, strong electromagnetic interference and serious dust pollution, American excellent communication TSC Industrial Ethernet series products stand out among many industrial product brands, providing guarantee for the normal operation of the control system of south water north mediation station and Liushan station. The safety of TSC carat44 three-layer Gigabit modular industrial Ethernet rail transit used in the control system of Jiangsu section of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project is related to the life safety of everyone TSC gb/t 1237 (2) 000 fastener marking method carat2024-a intelligent industrial Ethernet switch and TSC carat55 series manageable Ring Industrial Ethernet switch products that can form an industrial redundant ring are several products strongly launched by American excellent communication in the water conservancy and hydropower industry. They have been strictly tested and certified in this project, and finally have been unanimously recognized by users

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